diversity in the cultures

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LECLAIREUR, is a destination

“Destination rue Hérold! L’Eclaireur is an exceptional place extraordinary. As its name suggests, «LECLAIREUR» is a personalised brand that looks forward to tomorrow…

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Interview : Catherine Dumas

Senator and Councillor of Paris, elected from the 17th arrondissement, Catherine DUMAS occupies a prominent place in the field of fine crafts, excellence and luxury, particularly since her report to the Prime Minister in February 2009.

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Chinese Business Club

The Chinese Business Club is a business circle founded in 2012 by Harold Parisot. Every month in Paris, the Club brings together entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, diplomats, journalists, managers, and business leaders.

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Aqua mater: Serenity and Reflection

AQUA MATER combines photography, architecture and music. They invite visitors to share a moment of serenity and reflection on some of the fundamental values of our time and our societies, in particular the respect for life.

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