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2023 : Airs de Paris x Café Mulot


At Place des Vosges in Paris, on 24 March 2023, the magazine Airs de Paris set up  in the heart of the house of the writer Victor Hugo, to meet authors, stylists, artists, journalists, musicians, and photographers.

It was at the Mulot café, a cultural and gourmet breakfast took shape in the greatest conviviality…





Victor Hugo and China


Victor Hugo was a 19th century poet, playwright, novelist, and cartoonist (1802-1885). The Chinese appreciated his love of Asia, and one only must visit his now well-protected flat to see this.

Victor Hugo’s Chinese salon is one of the sights not to be missed on a visit to the capital.


The imagination unfurls

in a dream of fantasy and humour

On the island of Guernsey, Victor Hugo loved to visit antique shops and buy Chinese vases for decoration.  He also liked to create Chinese-style panels himself. These panels have since been used to display the porcelain on the walls.








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Café Mulot

 is a place of gastronomy and cultural meetings…


The Mulot café is in Victor Hugo’s house, much to the delight of tourists and regulars in the area.

The architecture and interior decoration have been designed in the same spirit of sharing, in harmony with the atmosphere of the historic square. The red colour at the entrance and the porcelain evoke Victor Hugo’s passion for China.

Café Mulot offers a cuisine based on taste, simplicity, quality and generosity. The dishes on the à la carte menu are a perfect example of the work of man.  The local products respect nature, changing with the seasons.

In the workshops, the creations are made entirely by hand. A Mulot breakfast is simply refined and delicious.









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Chinese Wisdom Gems


With time and patience, the leaf of the mulberry tree becomes silk… The Chinese language is full of proverbs, maxims, and sayings. These ready-made expressions: cultured pearls have been chiseled by the centuries. They convey exemplary and moral truths in an allegorical and light-hearted manner.

Here is a unique book «Gems of Chinese Wisdom», which explains Chinese wisdom through proverbs. Cultural alchemy links the two authors: Cyrille Javary and Ni Jincheng.

Mr Ni Jincheng went to Victor Hugo’s Café Mulot to express what «Chinese wisdom and its art of living» mean, by explaining what the culture of bamboo in China has been for more than seven thousand years. «It is deeply rooted in the daily life of the Chinese, it is an integral part of our culture,» he said.




中国语言中充满了谚语和俗语。这些表达方式,以一种寓言和轻松的方式代代传达着道德格言和真理。Cyrille Javary和倪金城共同撰写了一本书 :《中国智慧,成语108句》。



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For this meeting at the Mulot café, Imane presented us with two models made of ecological bamboo fabric.

The Chinese musician Shan wore a red dress for the occasion and Anna Brauge, actress, journalist and model, a black dress!

Through his creations, Imane proposes his version of “slow fashion”.

“Fashion should produce less but better, produce clothes made in good conditions that can be enjoyed again and kept for a long time,” he says.


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ECOBAMBOO是全新一代的绿色生态纤维。Imane Ayissi 通过天竹 ECOBAMBOO 系列的创作,积极倡导对生态负责任的可持续时尚的理念。

在这次活动中,Imane展示了两个由Ecobamboo生态竹纤维制成的款式,这两款都是巴黎时装周的走秀款。中国乐师何幸珊身着红色礼裙,而即是演员、又是记者和模特的Anna Brauge身着黑色礼裙。红黑两色,与雨果中国客厅的颜色相互映衬。




Each participant also shared their own experiences.

In a friendly atmosphere, the discussions led to the emergence of projects and new collaborations.

Perhaps not even Hugo in the 19th century could have imagined that more than a hundred years later, not only his old house, but also his Chinese design would continue to inspire future generations endlessly ….





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