Lens: a book on Art Deco


Lens can be visited like a history and architecture book. Its Art Deco facades and monuments tell the story of the city’s evolution.

Occupied from October 1914 to October 1918, victim of bombing and methodical sabotage by the Germans during their retreat, Lens was more than 90% destroyed at the end of the First World War.

The reconstruction, which lasted until the end of the 1920s, was considerable. No specific rules were prescribed for the architecture. Art Deco was in full swing during this period.



Lens :

a book on Art Deco



Lens un livre sur lArt Deco 5


The emblematic Art Deco building is the premises of the Lens-Liévin tourist office. It was a former shop that was destroyed during the First World War.

Rebuilt in 1924 in the Art Deco style, the building is distinguished by its façade decorated with ceramics representing porcelain objects and brightly coloured floral motifs.

Through these choices, the owner clearly shows his intention to make his storefront a real showcase to attract the eyes of passers-by.


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On rue du Havre, a bourgeois residence on the corner of rue Michelet is surprisingly eclectic in its architecture, characteristic of the large urban villas of the early 20th century.

The wide roof overhangs supported by painted wooden corbels evoke seaside architecture, while the mosaics in blue and gold tones underline the influence of Art Deco.

The corner turret recalls the watchtowers of medieval fortifications.


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Inaugurated in 1927, the SNCF station is emblematic of the Art Deco style in Lens and stands out both technically and stylistically.

The structure is made of reinforced concrete, a new material that is light and easy to work with. The foundations allow for the introduction of hydraulic jacks to compensate for possible ground movements.

Inside, four mosaics of cubist inspiration were created by Auguste Labouret. The whole is a setting entirely dedicated to the industrial activity that governed life in the area at the time.


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标志性的装饰艺术建筑是Lens-Liévin旅游局的所在地。它的前身是一家商店,在第一次世界大战期间被毁。在哈弗尔街(rue du Havre),米歇尔街(rue Michelet)拐角处的一座豪宅,其建筑风格令人震撼。蓝色和金色调的马赛克则深刻地表达了装饰艺术的影响。1927年落成的SNCF车站也是朗斯装饰艺术风格的象征,在技术和风格上都很突出。


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