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Paris : Musée de l’Illusion


Welcome to the fascinating world of illusion, where all your senses are turned upside down. The Musée de l’Illusion offers a unique and original experience where education meets entertainment.

This universe is capable of unsettling even the most reckless visitors… Nothing is really as it seems, especially at the Musée de l’Illusion!


In the fascinating world of illusion


Visitors will be daring enough to jump into the three-dimensional universe created by the Vortex Tunnel! Underneath its visibly stable and flat appearance, this illusion has the right to drive you completely mad. No-one will be able to move forward along its path. Incredible, isn’t it?

The route then takes you to the Hall of Mirrors, where you can observe your own distorted reflection, and the Hall of Infinity, where you can take a chance on the room’s unpredictable behaviour. It’s a unique opportunity to try and resist the laws of gravity and dimensions. It’s a sure bet that visitors will be posing!


Dans le monde fascinant de l’illusion-2-850x518


Visitors can dive into a collection of holograms, take a closer look at each optical illusion and take a close look at each exhibition. They are a brilliant and playful reminder that our perception of the world is often no more than a spectrum of illusions.

Every nook and cranny of the Musée de l’Illusion is accompanied by a rational, scientific explanation that teaches a whole host of extraordinary things about sight, perception and how the intellect works. The aim? To discover why the eyes perceive things that the brain cannot.

The Musée de l’Illusion is a great place to visit, combining entertainment with learning: a unique place that’s suitable for everyone, whatever their age.

A visit to the Musée de l’Illusion means sharing a moment with family, friends or colleagues. There are no rules. It’s a place where you can have fun, discover new things and, above all, let your desire to be amazed grow.


Dans le monde fascinant de l’illusion-3-850x518


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Le Musée de l’Illusion

98, rue Saint-Denis – 75001 Paris

Tel: 09 73 67 01


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