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Première Vision Paris

Dates: February 7, 2024, in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Time: 2:00 PM

Location: Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, 95975 Roissy-Charles de Gaulle


Sustainable fashion involves an awareness of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. This means understanding the consequences of clothing production in terms of water consumption, chemical usage, pollution, and textile waste.

The selection of sustainable materials is a key aspect of sustainable fashion. This can include the use of natural and organic fibers, the adoption of eco-friendly dyeing processes, as well as the exploration of new technologies and innovative materials.

Sustainable fashion is not limited to environmental aspects alone but also encompasses fair working conditions for fashion industry workers. This includes decent wages, reasonable working hours, and safe working conditions.

It is important to raise awareness among consumers, fashion designers, and decision-makers about the importance of sustainable fashion. Educational initiatives, awareness campaigns, and events can contribute to promoting broader awareness and encouraging positive change.

Many brands and designers are turning to sustainable fashion by adopting more responsible practices.

During the Première Vision trade show in February, the magazine Airs de Paris will be hosting a workshop to explore all the possibilities of sustainable fashion.




Luca Livio, CEO of Monvania

Monvania is a company specialized in the processing of continuous yarns, both artificial and synthetic, for the textile industry. It is made in Italy. It is a success story where a small industrial company founded in 1970 without great ambitions has become one of the most important companies in its sector.


Ceyteks Ocalan, Director of Ceyteks

Ceyteks is a direct retail and service company for fiber. Their goal is to become a pioneer in the sector by adhering to principles of sustainability, quality, health, and safety at work during production, in accordance with international standards.


Bruno Lavagna, Luxury Expert

A graduate of ESCP Business School and founder-director of Be.Exclusive, Bruno Lavagna is an international luxury expert (craftsmanship, yachting, fashion and accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, gastronomy…) and an expert in luxury geostrategy.


Aline Putot-Toupry

Aline Putot-Toupry is an artist and designer, specializing in sculpting porcelain. Her sensitivity leads her to reflect on nature and her research on dialogue between the past and the future.



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