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Taoist medicine believes that illness can be treated by stimulating the appropriate acupuncture points through acupressure or Tui Na. Certain acupuncture points also have detoxifying effects. Pressing and tapping these points helps to expel toxins from the body to maintain health. It’s a good time for spring detoxification, and today we’re going to introduce you to the method of detoxification by rubbing acupuncture points.





The Jiquan point in the armpit is an important point in the heart meridian. Often go to the press and rub this point to get rid of stagnant fire toxins in the heart and protect the health of the heart.

The Jiquan point in the armpit is an important point in the heart meridian, often press and rub this point to get rid of stagnant fire toxins in the heart and protect heart health.

The accumulation of toxins in the heart and lungs at the elbow fossa can manifest as a sore throat, coughing and coughing up blood, heart problems and fever, mouth ulcers, insomnia and daydreaming, etc.

If this happens, you can tap continuously on the elbow pit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Practising once or twice a week can expel toxins from the heart and lungs to relieve symptoms.


Acupressing Point Jiquan



The largest detoxification and moisture meridian in the body, is the bladder meridian, there is also a detoxification Weizhong point, which is located in the pit of the knee on the important point in the commission point.

Usually, the Weizhong point is tapped for 5 to 10 minutes until the bruises appear.

In fact, you can prevent the onset of arthritis due to the accumulation of toxins by tapping the point once or twice a week.


Acupressing Point Weizhong



The Yinlingquan is an articulation point of the spleen meridian, and you can generally press and rub it to strengthen your spleen and remove moisture from the body.

To do this: below the knee, go up along the inner calf bone, and the depression when you turn inwards is where the Yinlingquan is.

You should press and rub this area with your fingers every day, making sure you have 10 minutes or more of tranquillity a day.

If there is pain, indicating that the body is damp, if you insist on pressing and rubbing, the pain gradually diminishes, indicating that the dampness of the spleen is improving.


Acupressing Point Yinlingquan


Zhu San Li

The Zhu San Li point on the foot is the first point to treat the spleen and stomach. Pressing and stimulating the San Li point on the foot effectively eliminates dampness.


Acupressing Point Zhu San Li



The Chengshan point is located on the solar bladder meridian of the foot, which is the master of the body’s Yang energy.

Therefore, stimulating the Chengshan point can expel moisture from the body by invigorating the yang energy of the bladder meridian.

Most people, when pressing gently on the Chengshan point, will experience significant pain and discomfort, which is due to the presence of moisture in the body.


Acupressing Point Chengshan





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