The celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon at Unesco

Statut du Dragon à l'Unesco



The Permanent Delegation of the People’s Republic of China to UNESCO organized a special event to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

This celebration took place on January 5th. More than 300 officials and ambassadors from the member states of UNESCO attended the reception.


Lunar New Year Reception


The Ambassador and Permanent Delegate, Madame Xinyu Yang, delivered a welcome speech during this occasion.

She stated that China is ready to work with UNESCO and its member states to enhance understanding, deepen friendship, and build a bridge of cooperation for the future.

Ms. Yang Xinyu emphasized that UNESCO plays a crucial role in promoting progress in education, science, and culture on a global scale. China will continue to uphold the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, firmly support UNESCO, safeguard the world’s cultural diversity, promote exchanges and mutual understanding among civilizations, and jointly address the challenges of our time in order to promote the building of a peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable community of shared future for humanity.


Unesco 3


The President of the Executive Board, Vera El Khoury Lacoeuilhe, emphasized that the dragon is the most well-known Chinese cultural symbol in the world, representing power, wisdom, and good fortune.

She also mentioned that the combination of the Year of the Dragon and the element of wood in 2024 indicates that the new year will be filled with vigor, vitality, development, and innovation.

She expressed hope that China and UNESCO will embark on a new stage of cooperation in this auspicious Year of the Dragon and achieve even greater accomplishments.


Unesco 4


Anthony Kwaku Ohemeng-Boamah emphasized that UNESCO is ready to continue and strengthen cooperation with China.

He hopes that the Chinese people, as the “heirs of the dragon,” will bring more wisdom and strength to the development of shared human values.


Unesco 5


The highlight of the evening was a performance by a musical group consisting of musicians from different countries.

This group captivated the audience by blending musical traditions and instruments from various cultures.

Their performance created a unique and enriching artistic experience, reflecting the spirit of diversity and cultural exchange promoted by UNESCO.


a musical group consisting of female musicians from different countries


During the evening, a workshop on the preparation of Chinese dumplings also attracted a large crowd.

The atmosphere was friendly and lively, allowing participants to discover and appreciate Chinese culinary tradition.


The traditional Chinese cuisine



The traditional Chinese cuisine-2


The Chinese Year of the Dragon is a period filled with meaning and symbols.

It is a time when it is important to seize opportunities and show boldness in the pursuit of our aspirations.

It is also a time  to reflect on the cultural and symbolic values that unite us as a global community.


a global community


The celebration organized by the Permanent Delegation of the People’s Republic of China to UNESCO testifies to China’s commitment to promote intercultural dialogue and international cooperation in the field of culture.

This event helped strengthen ties between different nations and foster constructive dialogue on cultural issues.


a global community-1



a global community-2



a global community-3



a global community-4



a global community-5



a global community-6



a global community-7



a global community-8



a global community-9



a global community-10



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