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Première Vision Paris : Innovation for Sustainable Fashion



Première Vision Paris is a major international event that opened on February 6th and lasts for three days. It serves as a meeting place for fashion professionals from around the world, providing them with opportunities to connect, exchange ideas, discover new trends, and establish partnerships.

This event plays a significant role in promoting responsible creation and sustainability within the fashion industry. It provides a platform for companies committed to sustainable practices to showcase their products and initiatives.

With the increasing awareness of climate change and environmental concerns, sustainable materials have gained importance in the industry .


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Bamboo Union

Dynamic International Partnerships


Bamboo Union’s international partners were enthusiastically present at Première Vision Paris. Bamboo Union is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion. Their goal is to create an ecosystem for sustainable fashion using eco-friendly bamboo fiber as a foundation.

They integrate efficient resources through vertical alliances in the upstream industrial chain, enabling them to develop a new model for the sustainable fashion industry.


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Ecobamboo is a new generation of more eco-friendly bamboo fiber produced by Jilin Chemical Fiber Group in China. The production process of Ecobamboo has implemented a sustainable supply chain and meets certain internationally recognized certifications that guarantee the sustainability and ecological qualities of the bamboo fiber used.

Among the certifications and labels associated with Ecobamboo, you can find the ZDHC standard, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, OEKO-TEX Made in Green, and Ecocert. These certifications and labels provide assurance that the production of Ecobamboo adheres to specific environmental and social standards.


A trusted partnership


Filofibra is a family-owned business that has been operating in the raw materials trade for the textile industry since 1967. The company has built its reputation on reliability and fairness. The values of passion and pursuit of product quality have been passed down from generation to generation .

Filofibra has been working closely with the Jilin Chemical Fiber Group for nearly 20 years. This partnership is based on total cooperation, trust, and loyalty.


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If bamboo has become silk?


Turkey is the sixth largest exporter in the world and the second largest supplier of textiles to the European Union . The company Ceyteks has been working with bamboo fiber for ten years and has developed a strong expertise in bamboo fiber.

Elyaf Tekstil is one of the best manufacturers of bamboo fabrics in the world. Through their unique production methods, bamboo filament can be transformed into an elegant texture similar to silk.


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With the increase in the price of silk, bamboo filament indeed presents interesting potential as an eco-friendly alternative. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires minimal maintenance. Its transformation into bamboo filament allows for the creation of a fabric that is similar to silk but with a lower environmental impact.

This eco-friendly alternative is generating discussions and interest for its future development in the fashion industry. Several companies are interested in this solution because it offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.


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Smart Création


Smart Creation has brought together the most committed, inspiring, and visionary companies in the field of responsible creation. This selection includes companies that stand out for their use of alternative materials, innovative fabrics, more sustainable manufacturing solutions, and environmentally-friendly technologies.


Green Whisper


Green Whisper is a sustainable technology that transforms banana tree trunks into textile fiber. It utilizes fibers extracted from banana trunks mixed with organic cotton to produce textile yarn.

The resulting fabric exhibits high tear resistance, longer lifespan, and can be washed at low temperatures. This innovation allows for the ecological and economical valorization of banana tree residues.


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Earth Protex


Earth Protex is a materials science company that specializes in circularity and regenerative technologies.

They offer innovative and sustainable solutions for recycling materials, including textiles and agricultural waste .

Earth Protex converts post-industrial and post-consumer agricultural waste into new materials and products, contributing to the circular economy . They are focused on delivering waste-to-resource solutions in the circular and bio-economy .


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L’Atelier des Matières


L’Atelier des Matières is dedicated to valorizing unused materials and unsold finished products from the fashion and luxury sectors, with a focus on supporting the circular transformation of the brands they collaborate with in the textile and leather goods industries.

They provide customized and comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire process, from resource recovery to the design of recycled finished products. L’Atelier des Matières offers guidance and advice to brands in their material selection, enabling them to create better-designed articles for the future.


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better  way


The program “a better way” was launched in July 2023 to promote and recognize the efforts and investments of exhibitors in the fashion industry towards sustainability and responsible practices.




Seawool® is indeed a sustainable yarn developed by Creative Tech Textile and Hans Global, utilizing recycled PET and enhancing the treatment of oyster shell powder to create fibers, yarns, fabrics, and insulation materials.

The innovative use of oyster shells in Seawool® showcases the potential for functional textiles with unique properties.


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Chia Her


Chia Her is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer that was founded in 1972. They specialize in spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing wool and cotton. Chia Her offers sustainable, innovative, and high-performance material solutions.

One notable aspect of Chia Her is that they are the only factory in Taiwan that holds the 4-in-1 sustainable certification throughout their entire facility. This certification includes GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OCS (Organic Content Standard), GRS (Global Recycled Standard), and RWS (Responsible Wool Standard).


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The Kapok tree, scientifically known as Ceiba pentandra, is a tree that grows in the tropical regions of West Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Kapok tree produces seed pods that contain seeds covered in fine and soft hairs. These hairs, known as Kapok fiber, are lightweight, buoyant, water-resistant, and resilient. The fiber is often compared to wool and is sometimes referred to as “vegetable wool”.

One of the advantages of Kapok fiber is its natural and organic origin. The Kapok tree grows spontaneously without the need for fertilizers or pesticides, and its extraction does not require intensive farming practices. This makes Kapok fiber environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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