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All exhibitors at Première Vision Paris must meet criteria of quality, creativity, technicality, performance, and reputation, which are assessed by a Selection Committee. This requirement ensures an exceptional offer for fashion professionals attending the event.

Bruno Lavagna is recognized as an international expert on luxury. He has written a book entitled “Geopolitics of Luxury” in which he explores the links between luxury and international relations .

On February 7, 2024, Airs de Paris magazine invited Bruno Lavagna to meet a number of innovative Chinese textile manufacturers.



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Saintyear Textile


Zhejiang Saintyear Textile Co. is a company that has a complete production line and focuses on the development and innovation of new textile fiber technologies through technological innovation.

It has become an industry leader in ecological multi-category and functional yarn-dyed fabrics. The company holds certifications such as Global Recycled, Recycled Polyester, Oeko-tex Step, and Sustainable Fabric .


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BigTree Textile


BigTree Textile is a company that has specialized in the textile industry for over 30 years. One area where BigTree Textile has innovated is in acetic acid printing technology . This technology allows for unique and vibrant prints on fabrics.

In terms of certifications, BigTree Textile holds several important ones. These include certifications such as BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), GRS (Global Recycled Standard) by textile exchange . These certifications highlight the company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in its manufacturing processes.


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Nanshan Fashion


Nanshan Fashion has established a good reputation in the luxury sector and is recognized as a major supplier to many luxury brands .

The company has been involved in supplying suits to the London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games, which has helped raise its profile and reputation in the industry .


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Embsense Textile


Embsense is a renowned manufacturer with an international reputation for producing embroidered fabrics in China.

Embsense takes pride in its highly stable control system and extremely reliable order processing development system, which contribute to its success in meeting customer demands efficiently.

Embsense is a leader in the international market and has its own embroidery factory in Hangzhou, China, as well as a design team based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Embsense is indeed certified by several standards and labels, including OEKO TEX STANDARD 100, Organica, and THE HIGG INDEX. These certifications demonstrate Embsense’s commitment to sustainable production practices, consumer protection, and responsible sourcing.


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After his visit, Bruno Lavagna noted that ‘made in China’ had considerably improved in terms of quality, technology, and environmental protection.

He emphasized that China, as one of the world’s leading markets for textiles and luxury goods, is catching up and making promising progress.



How have these

Chinese companies succeeded?


Saintyear Textile is one of China’s most advanced fabric manufacturers. To explain their success, Vice Director Sheguang Yu mentioned several key factors:


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” There are several key aspects to our innovation.

Firstly, we work with major international companies in the field of raw materials.

Secondly, we have innovated in the field of yarn dyeing by owning our own dyeing plant.

Thirdly, we have innovated in the manufacturing process, with our full range of equipment enabling us to produce different combinations. In this way, we bring innovation to manufacturing.

Fourthly, we have also innovated in the area of finishing.

Fifthly, we have innovation in the design phase, which allows us to create products that are different from ordinary categories. We exploit design innovation more at every stage to improve our products overall.”




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