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Première Vision : February 2023


On 7, 8 and 9 February 2023, professionals from the international creative fashion industry gathered at Première Vision Paris. This year’s event offers concrete solutions in terms of sourcing and eco-responsible production.

As the world’s leading platform for meetings, business and communication for fashion professionals, Première Vision Paris has the unique advantage of being in contact with the entire supply chain.

Sharing the same values as Première Vision, Airs de Paris has invested in this edition to follow the best fabric manufacturers.


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Fibre is the key to sustainable development in the textile industry. ECOBAMBOO is a new generation of bamboo fibre.

ECOBAMBOO establishes a traceable supply chain on the raw material side, and the selected bamboo materials are recognised by FSC and ORGANIC certifications. Manufacturing has been awarded 30 Canopy Green shirts, as well as OEKO-SteP, OEKO-Tex Standard100, SA8000 and LCA certifications…

ECOBAMBOO is already used by the world’s top fabric producers and is gaining more and more attention from designers and brands.

With the growing demand for natural fibres in the textile industry, what are the new trends for bamboo fibre? With Ceyda, an expert in Ecobamboo fibre, we visited several manufacturers.


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Elyaf: a touch of design and art

With its own design and R&D departments, Elyaf offers its signature on high-quality, functional, exclusive and fashionable fabrics, from ready-to-wear to haute couture collections.

Elyaf is one of the industry’s forerunners, offering eco-friendly and sustainable products to leading fashion brands.

Elyaf uses the most sustainable raw materials, with certificates such as OCS, GRS, RCS and FSC.

For its bamboo fibre collection, Elyaf brings a touch of design and art to the fabric, and offers added value with natural dyes.


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İpeker: a wide range of prints

Ipeker is one of Turkey’s oldest textile companies with a fully integrated production plant. With many years of experience and high know-how, İpeker delicately delivers collections with high quality standards with total flexibility.

Production complies with the Green Factory sustainability programme, which guarantees zero waste and clean energy consumption.

İpeker’s quality standards are maintained by strict controls throughout production at various stages.


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From yarn selection onwards, all materials, chemicals and applications are carefully selected from suppliers who meet İpeker’s quality standards.

All İpeker production and collections are certified according to the Oeko-tex 100 standard. The bamboo collection is unique with a wide assortment of prints and dyed fabrics.


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Meltem: sustainable and ethical

Meltem Global has 36 years of experience in the apparel industry. By investing fully in human capital and in the continuous development of a solid technical knowledge base, Meltem offers a reliable partnership to its customers.

By respecting nature and society, Meltem pursues its production path with an understanding of quality and sustainable production and moves forward day by day with an ethical work conscience.


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Meltem is in the process of complying with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and no chemicals harmful to humans or the environment are used in its products.

The Ecobamboo fabric development range features a 100% bamboo fibre content, with a soft, comfortable texture.


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Saintyear: innovation

Zhejiang Saintyear Textile Co, Ltd. is the main company of the Saintyear Holding group, which mainly produces various yarn-dyed fabrics. The company has a complete production chain, from yarn dyeing and weaving to finishing.

Saintyear strives to promote the development and innovation of new textile fibre technologies.

Saintyear e has become the industry leader in ecological multi-category and functional yarn-dyed fabrics, with Global Recylcled, Recycled Polysester, Oeko-tex Step and Sustainable Fabric certifications.

The Ecobamboo fabric development range features an innovative twist that blends recycled fibres with bamboo fibre.


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Workshop: luxury and sustainability

Airs de Paris is a committed campaigner for the environment. It offers themed meetings on sustainable fashion, inviting textile professionals to raise their awareness of sustainable fashion.

This year’s guests are Bruno Lavagna, a French specialist in luxury brands, as well as Luca Livio, Managing Director of Italian manufacturer Monvania, Massimiliano Danisi, Deputy Managing Director of Filofibra, Marco Severin, Sales Director of Filofibra, Ceyda Öcalan, Managing Director of Ceyteks Ltd.


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Participants exchanged experiences and complemented each other’s understanding of sustainable development. Despite the different sectors, perspectives and points of view, there was a strong consensus that sustainability is the trend and objective for the future.

Everyone must take into account the need to meet their own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs!


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