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Plateau Fertile Paris

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Plateau Fertile Paris is a new place to propose collective solutions for a more sustainable, ethical, local and innovative fashion.  An exclusive meeting withLucas Thivolet Conde Salazar,who leads this ambitious project…


Plateau Fertile Paris是一个为更具可持续性、道德性、本地性和创新性的时尚提供集体解决方案的新场所。巴黎灵感杂志与负责这个雄心勃勃的项目的Lucas Thivolet Conde Salazar进行了独家会谈。


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Could you tell us about Fashion Green Hub and Plateau Fertile Paris?


Fashion Green Hub was born in 2015, in Roubaix, in the Hauts-de-France region. Roubaix is the capital of the textile industry and of industrial spinning mills from the 19th to the 20th century.

It is an association of companies. The idea was to get everyone around the table, whether it be small companies, large luxury houses, industrialists, fashion schools, federations…

The initiative is to facilitate exchanges, find sustainable solutions, and above all accelerate the transition of the fashion and textile industries, mainly French, but more widely European, towards a circular, more inclusive and more sustainable model. Very quickly, the association grew. We are supported by the State, by the Hauts-de-France region, by other public and private actors, notably with groups such as Auchan, Décathlon and Jules.

In 2018, 3 years after the creation of the association, a first factory, called the PLATEAU FERTILE Roubaix was created.

With the increase of the members, the association started to turn on all the French territory including Paris, it was for us, the occasion to regionalize our association.

With the support of the city of Paris, the Île-de-France region, and the State via the ANCT (the national agency for territorial cohesion), we created the Fashion Green Hub of Grand Paris last year.


What is the concept of Plateau Fertile Paris?


It’s a 350 m2 space.  With our business community, we will think about and co-create solutions for the fashion of tomorrow. It’s not a factory as you might think of a production workshop. It will be like a design office specialising in eco-design and the reuse of waste.

With our fablab space, our photo studio, our material library (a circular sourcing tool), we will really be a panel for all types of companies that have a real desire to accelerate the transition of the fashion and textile industry towards a more circular model.

There are also events, such as Café Fertile, where our companies come to have a drink and meet each other. It is precisely in this dynamic of exchange that we realise the multitude of solutions thanks to these meetings. This was really the origin of the association.

We are very happy to have been able to open this centre in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, in a magnificent building by Dominique Péreau. The French ational Library is just around the corner. The new 2024 Olympic village is also close by. It is a building that has been renovated energetically with a solar panel roof and rainwater recovery. This also offers consistency in our environmental and social approach to manufacturing.


What is the difference between Plateau Fertile Paris and manufacture Berlier?


We’re on the 2nd floor of the manufacture Berlierl. Around Plateau Fertile Paris, there are a number of associations involved in the social economy of textiles and fashion. And we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a workshop set up right next door to us, called «HAWA au féminin», which works for some of France’s leading luxury brands. With our neighbours, we can recreate a short production circuit with impeccable know-how and quality.


您能够介绍一下Fashion Green Hub和Plateau Fertile Paris吗?


Fashion Green Hub在2015年诞生于上法兰西大区的鲁贝。鲁贝曾是纺织业的首都,尤其是在19世纪到20世纪的工业纺纱中的地位更为重要。

Fashion Green Hub是一个经营化的协会。想法是,无论小公司、还是大型奢侈品公司、时装学校、联合会….让大家聚集在一起。旨在促进交流,为时尚找到可持续的解决方案,最重要的是加快法国、欧洲时尚和纺织业向循环性、更包容和更可持续的模式过渡的转型。


2018年,在协会成立的3年后,我们成立了名为PLATEAU FERTILE Roubaix的第一家制造工厂。随着成员的增加,协会开始在包括巴黎在内的所有法国区域开展活动,对我们来说,这是一个使我们的协会区域化的机会。

在巴黎市和法兰西岛地区的支持下,以及国家ANCT政府机构的支持下,我们在去年创建了大巴黎Fashion Green Hub。入驻巴黎后,在一年内,我们融资到在13区开设一个新的Plateau Fertile Paris工厂必要的资金。


Plateau Fertile Paris的理念是什么?


这是一个拥有350平方米的空间。与我们的社区企业一起,我们将思考并共同创造未来时尚的解决方案。不像人们想的那样,Plateau Fertile Paris不是一个拥有生产车间般的工厂。它更将成为一个专门从事生态发展和废物再利用的设计室。


还有一些活动,如在Café Fertile活动里,所有的公司都可以参入进来,互相认识。正是在这种交流的动态中,我们可以探索众多解决方案。这就是协会的真正目的。

我们非常高兴,能够在巴黎13区Manufacture Berlier开设这个中心。而且法国国家图书馆就在咫尺之遥 ,同时2024年的新奥运村也在附近。这是一座经过新能源改造的建筑,采用了太阳能电池板屋顶和雨水回收技术。这也为我们坚持的环境保护和社会发展方向提供了一致性。


Plateau Fertile Paris和Manufacture Berlier之间有什么区别?


Plateau Fertile Paris在Manufacture Berlier的二楼。在Plateau Fertile Paris的周围,有不同的社会团体,以及纺织品和时尚行业的社会经济的团体。而且我们非常幸运! HAWA au féminin工作坊就在我们旁边,工作坊专为法国各大奢侈品牌服务。与我们附近的这些团体一起,我们可以用专业知识和无可挑剔的质量,重新创建一个循环近地区的生产体系。



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