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World peace starts within us


In these times of crisis and armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Shankara Ananda, a disciple of SDS Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, also known as Swamiji, shares with us a selected passage from his Master’s book “Living Enlightenment”. In this extract, Swamiji reminds us that World Peace begins within us.

In fact, the work for peace begins within ourselves. The actions/reactions of our leaders are nothing more than a reflection of the unresolved internal conflicts of the masses and of the collective planetary unconscious for which we are all responsible.

Our actions of solidarity and mutual aid, particularly in a context of violence, can only be accompanied by inner work. That’s why we need to start by working within ourselves, then around us, in our immediate environment. This is how we will provide the best responses to conflicts, and bring about lasting peace in the world.

Violence cannot be stopped with a restless heart. We cannot be active and productive in our fight against violence without a calm and peace-loving spirit.

A disturbing event such as war can be both an opportunity to be an active and useful non-violent actor (ahimsa) in the world and an opportunity to turn towards our inner space, where we can develop a sense of peace that can soothe all those around us.


Here is a text selected from His Master’s book “Living Enlightenment”:


The universe is a hologram and we are a part of that hologram. In a hologram, the smallest part, even if it is broken, reflects the whole of the hologram. In the same way, we also reflect the totality of the universe. The universe is not an assortment of living and dead matter.

It’s a huge interconnected world. You are truly connected to your comrades around you, to the trees, animals, birds and rocks on earth, as well as to the planets, stars and galaxies in the universe. Whether you feel it or not depends on the plane of consciousness from which you perceive them.


World Peace begins within us


The time has come to create a critical mass of enlightened people on planet Earth. It is only by creating more and more awakened, enlightened people that the collective influence of individual negativity can be destroyed. All the calamities in the world are created by the unconsciousness of human beings.

Global warming, AIDS, religious terrorism, fanaticism and atomic weapons reactors are all effects of this negativity. Today, we face so many dangers that unless we create an enlightened society of peace, bliss and joy, we won’t be able to preserve this beautiful planet Earth.


A derivative of Individual Bliss


In fact, most of us are caught up in a battle with ourselves. We are caught in a web of contradictory thoughts and desires. Our thoughts and words are very powerful, yet we use them so casually.

For example, when you say you have a headache, what do you do? You don’t realise that each of these words carries within it the power of desire and its fulfilment. But, by using these words, you give as much power to the word “headache” as you do to the word “stop”! This is what I mean by self-contradictory thoughts.

By your real thinking, you are contradicting your initial desire. Even your positive intentions are caught up in the battle, the dilemma, between your thoughts and your words. The mind is by nature a dilemma. You will ask, “How can I wish the headache away?” Just say, “Allow me to be healed,” that’s all. The mind is so used to thinking with negative words, that’s the problem.

When we infuse restorative thoughts into our system over and over again, we give power to positive words and thoughts. They are sealed in our real muscle memory. So, at times of bad moods and depression, these healing thoughts will automatically rise up into our inner space and lift us out of that bad mood. We ourselves can get out of our bad feelings and negative mind games. Individual Peace naturally affects the World.


A magnificent story from the life of Buddha:

Devadatta, a cousin of Buddha, joined Buddha’s order of monks. He was greedy for power and prestige. He wanted to be the head of this order of monks. But Buddha would not allow such an immature person, who chased prestige instead of enlightenment, to lead his mission. So Devadatta harboured jealousy and ill feelings towards Buddha, and even tried to kill him on several occasions.

One day, Devadatta persuaded the royal elephant keepers to let a ferocious elephant escape in Buddha’s path. The elephant was poisoned and released on the path that Buddha regularly took. The mad elephant ran frantically. People panicked and fled in all directions.

The elephant sprang up in front of Buddha. Faced with this danger, Buddha stopped walking, radiating the same peace and calm. His bliss and peace were in no way affected by the threat of the fierce elephant. The elephant, seized by a mad fury, rushed towards Buddha. When it reached Buddha, it calmed down instantly. Its wild nature had dissolved before Buddha’s enlightened presence. Buddha touched the elephant’s forehead and gently caressed it. Calmed by the tapping, the elephant knelt down and bowed to Buddha.

Those who witnessed this scene were simply stunned!

The waves of bliss radiated by a peaceful person naturally and automatically affect people, animals, trees and rocks. And they affect everything nearby.


To make the world a happier place, you don’t have to do anything special. Simply change your interior.


When you watch a horror film, your world is filled with fear. But by simply changing the channel, for example to a comedy, you can see how your whole world changes!

When the inner awakening manifests, the higher emotions manifest. Everything that happens is your own experience. If you want to save the world, all you have to do is save yourself!

In fact, everything happens in this world: great spiritual sessions where we share enlightenment, and at the same time terrorist training camps, where we share violence. The world you attract and see will depend on the world with which you resonate. You will attract the same kind of people and situations into your life.

Even one person, fighting for enlightenment, searching, can raise the consciousness of at least a million people.


Text proposed by :

Sri Nithya Shankara Ananda, disciple of SDS Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is an Indian spiritual master teaching mindfulness meditation and spiritual enrichment.

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