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IFA Paris is committed to a more sustainable fashion during the European Week for Waste Reduction. (EWWR)

Driven by the desire to pass on to the future professionals the vision of a circular and diversified fashion, IFA implements actions to raise awareness of these themes among its students.

For the 2022 edition, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) was back from November 19 to 27 coordinated by ADEME. It is one of the most committed weeks of the year in the ecology, to fight against the waste of the planet’s resources.

ADEME has been working for 30 years to fight against global warming and the degradation of environmental resources. The agency’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society.

The fashion industry being one of the most polluting industries, this year’s theme is textiles. The EWWR wishes to raise awareness of the ecological issues of fashion. It calls for promoting the reuse of clothing through second hand, as well as to create new daily habits, to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.


For a more sustainable fashion


Sharing common values, IFA Paris is committed to ADEME for a more sustainable fashion.

IFA Paris is a fashion school rooted in Paris, with a global perspective and development determination. IFA Paris offers quality teaching that combines French expertise  and the fashion and luxury industry.

After having certified multiple actions, the international fashion school participated in the EWWR, by organizing events within the school in favor of eco-responsibility.

During the EWWR, various activities were organized on the IFA Paris campus. Talks were also organized to promote the exchange and teaching of knowledge on textile waste management.

An unconventional fashion show was presented. All the creations were elaborated in a sustainable and inclusive approach.





由于时装业是污染最严重的行业之一,今年的主题是纺织品。 EWWR旨在提高人们对时尚的生态挑战的认识。呼吁通过二手衣服的再利用,并创造新的日常习惯,以尽可能地减少我们对环境的影响。 分享共同的生态价值观,IFA巴黎致力于ADEME的活动,共同努力以实现更可持续的时尚。


IFA国际时装学院积极参与欧洲减少废物周(EWWR),在学校内部组织有利于生态责任的活动。 此外,还组织了一些讲座,以鼓励交流和传授特别是有关纺织废料管理的知识。



Meeting with

Jean-Baptiste Andreani,





Jean-Baptiste Andreani


IFA Paris 2


What is your vision on this notion of cultural openness?


I find this cultural openness very interesting – it’s a vision that was put in place by IFA from the creation of the school because when it was created 40 years ago, it was one of the first schools in 1982 that taught all programs in English. Now it’s much more common.

We have students from 50 different nationalities. It is such an intersting combination because you see how their inspiration differs from each other.

They come here to be given a framework finally, in terms of the art of stylistic patterning, but they are the ones who bring their own personal touch.

The issues of diversity and exclusivity, they are very important in their programs, several seminars are organized in order to be able to talk about fashion called «modest fashion», the understanding of this notion is «primordial», seminars on gender fluidity and multiculturalism are also implemented in this establishment.

The goal is to learn to communicate with each other despite our differences, to know how to compromise and work.






多样性和独特性的问题,在他们的学习内容中是非常重要的,为了能够谈论被称为 “适度时尚”的时尚理念,学院组织了几个研讨会,对这个概念的理解是“首先的”,也有关于性别认识和多元文化的研讨。这些活动的目的是学习如何不分彼此地沟通,如何妥协和如何工作。



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