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Embsense : How have these Chinese companies succeeded…



如何从中国绍兴走向世界 ……


Today, Chinese textile production is huge. How have these Chinese companies managed to develop their international market without any help from the state?

Embsense Textile Co, LTD (Embsense) is a manufacturer with an international reputation for its embroidered fabrics in China. It is one of the very first companies in Shaoxing to export embroidered fabrics of this type, with over 90% of its business going to medium and high-end European and American clothing brands. This business has enjoyed a high growth rate of 30-40%.

The company boasts twenty years’ experience. It has a highly stable control system and an extremely reliable order processing development system.

The company is a leader in this international market. The company has its own embroidery factory in Hangzhou, China, and its design team in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It has thirty Swiss Sula embroidery machines and 100 water-soluble embroidery machines. The main products include perforated cotton embroidery, water-soluble embroidery (single-colour, multicolour) and all kinds of embroidery on backing.

Embsense supplies exceptional products to designers around the world. It is always ready to observe and follow fashion trends in product development. Its speed of adaptation is at the cutting edge of modernity, whether developing samples or offering the most exceptional quality at a competitive price.

Overall, its expertise remains its greatest strength, and Mr Zhu, the company’s Managing Director, is proud of it!











Meeting with

Mr Vincent Zhu



Comment ces entreprises chinoises ont elles reussi 2


As an exporter on the international stage, how do you manage to share your experience of openness?


I take part in all the textile trade fairs in the world, I like meeting people and going to exhibitions. I use communication networks… More online platforms.

Of course, the prerequisite is to improve every strong point. You have to have a strategy, know how to develop by counting on the slightest advantage in terms of price by positioning yourself on a strong production capacity. Of course, there are many channels, but if you look at it carefully, you should never waste your time. Once you’ve got up to speed, you realise that potential customers have their own issues, and you need to understand them in order to adapt.


How can you build trust and long-term cooperation with your customers?


It takes time and a sincere attitude. I remember once, when we first got in touch with a major customer, we turned down their first order because we thought it wouldn’t be properly quality controlled due to the natural properties of the fabric. This impressed them so much that they put their trust in us forever.


How do you guarantee the quality of manufacture in relation to  price?


We have our own factory and focus on the embroidery sector. We know how to anticipate any problems that may arise in terms of quality. The price/performance ratio is very attractive. Let me remind you: we have our own factory and a solid supply chain.


Environmental protection is an important theme in the fashion world at the moment. How do you view the subject?


We’re lucky enough to work with some major international brands. We take this very seriously. We have certifications such as BCI, GRS, GOTS and OCS.

At the same time, we are interested in various environmental demands. For example, in the field of organic cotton, we work together with our customers. We have imported several million metres of finished fabric in organic cotton from India, with the OCS certificate, something that Chinese companies do not generally do.



Comment ces entreprises chinoises ont-elles réussi 2
















因为我们服务的都是国际品牌,所以在这方面是很重视的。 我们拥有BCI,GRS,GOTS,OCS等各项认证,也进行了各项环保活动。比如,在有机棉上面,我们配合客户,从印度进口了几百万米真实的organic cotton的成品布,带OCS证书,这个一般中国企业没有在做的。




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