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CTBU – Bamboo Union : 18th conference


On December 14th, the 18th CTBU (Bamboo Union) conference took place in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. The conference brought together CTBU members from around the world to discuss and explore new avenues for sustainable development in the textile industry.

CTBU has established itself as a highly influential platform for cooperation and innovation in the global textile industry over the course of 18 years. The conference was attended by representatives from various countries, including China, Pakistan, Turkey, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Iran, and other member countries of the Bamboo Union. The presence of media added further visibility to the event.




Mr Song Dewu, Chairman of the CTBU and Director of the Jilin Chemical Fibre Group, gave a speech. He stressed the importance of tackling the difficulties encountered over the last three years, which have been marked by the epidemic.

He also stressed the need for CTBU to introduce new products, establish a solid system and promote more stable development. For the future, it is essential to strengthen the industrial chain and extend the innovation chain by relying on the transformation of technological achievements and the integration of industry, university, research and application.




The General Secretary of the China Textile Industry Federation, Xia Lingmin, highlighted the various external and internal pressures faced by the textile industry. However, he also emphasized the significant demand offered by China’s domestic market, which presents a great opportunity for the development of the textile industry.

Furthermore, Xia Lingmin pointed out that the development of high-tech textile fiber materials to replace traditional materials has become a crucial driving force for the industry. Additionally, there are still ample opportunities in certain countries and regions for the export market.




During the conference, CTBU Vice President Wei Quandong, who is also the General Manager of Hebei Jigao Chemical Fibre Limited, presented a comprehensive report on the Bamboo Union’s work for 2023.

The report outlined the significant milestones achieved by the Union over the past three years. These achievements encompassed various areas, including product improvement, market expansion, brand enhancement, sustainable development, and improved competitiveness. The report also emphasized the Union’s success in fostering synergistic innovation within the industrial chain.




Zhu Bin, Chief Economist of South China Futures and President of the South China Research Institute, has presented a report entitled “Transition and Recovery – Macroeconomic Outlook”.

He analyses in detail the current global macroeconomic situation from a number of key angles, such as the stress points and difficulties in the economic recovery, the favourable factors, the risk points and the medium and long-term challenges.




Fu Jinhe, director of the China Circular Economy Association, presented a report entitled “Replacing plastic with bamboo, reducing plastic and reducing carbon”.

The report explains the origin and development of China’s bamboo industry, describes the advantages and strengths of bamboo, and interprets the origin, role and use of “replacing plastic with bamboo”.




Intertek’s Marketing Director in China, A. Yang, offered to continue working closely with CTBU to provide more comprehensive services to consumers.




Wei Quandong signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Hebei Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection, Yibin College, Shanghai Three Guns (Group) Co. Ltd, Xiamen Nestle Shangmade E-commerce Co. Ltd, ED KOREA Company and 5 other entities. This collaboration strengthens the advantages in terms of resources and synergies.




The Bamboo Union 2023 awards ceremony took place, during which 44 outstanding companies and 21 individuals were congratulated and rewarded with honorary titles such as the Excellent Contribution Award, the Excellence in Quality Award, the Innovation and Development Award …




Zhejiang Jinsheng Textile Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Tianzhu Eco-Technology Co. Ltd and Shaoxing Jialilong Textile Co. Ltd, as excellent product development centres for Bamboo Union, organised three fashion shows to present the latest Bamboo fibre creations.










The aim of this conference is to bring together the global textile industry, both upstream and downstream, to discuss joint development. The goal is to foster collaboration and innovation within the industry. This initiative seeks to transform ideas and inspirations into tangible actions and outcomes, driving the industry towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. Bamboo Union, as a key participant, will continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the textile industry.





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