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Tranoï Homme is back at the Gaîté Lyrique for the first time. With a different, innovative and demanding selection, Tranoï offers an inspiring look at fashion…


an edition focused

international creative talent


With its location in the heart of the Marais district, the Gaîté Lyrique is an integral part of the fashion eco-system.

A forerunner in its support for Korean fashion, Tranoï is continuing its work as a talent incubator for a demanding audience of buyers and journalists, presenting a selection of men’s designers for the first time.

At the epicentre of the ‘Hallyu’ phenomenon, Seoul has become a creative stronghold and a trend-setting market for the fashion industry.

The presence of these brands at Tranoi further enhances the creative diversity of Paris Fashion Week for Men. This year, the spotlight is on 6 established and up-and-coming labels to be discovered in a dedicated pavilion at the show.


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Launched in 2013, Berlin Showroom supports the capital’s most innovative fashion creations twice a year, offering designers a unique opportunity to make a name for themselves outside Berlin.

To celebrate this anniversary, 7 German designers have been jointly selected by Tranoï and Berlin Showroom to present their collections.

As part of its partnership with the China Fashion Association (CFA), Tranoï is hosting 2 Chinese designers selected for their expertise and innovation.

An opportunity to present their P/E 24 collections to the press and international buyers during Paris Fashion Week®.


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For the first time, 5 Portuguese designers will be taking part in this year’s show, thanks to the partnership signed with Portugal Fashion in 2021.

These designers confirm the cosmopolitanism, creativity and cultural richness of a country that for too long has been confined to its industrial base.



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A new generation of French designers is renewing the men’s silhouette while offering a committed wardrobe.

Discover 6 collections with contemporary designs that are both sustainable and original.


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Exclusive interview


CEO Tranoï

for a better understanding of all these new features…


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Could you tell us about this edition?


There are several new features. The first is a new venue: the Gaîté Lyrique. The new management team has chosen to welcome us as the standard-bearer for emerging, committed and unique fashion, and to include us in its programme, which claims to be multi-disciplinary, inclusive and open to the world!

The 2nd new feature is that for the first time, the men’s edition of Tranoï is mainly focused on Asia.

For the first time, Seoul Fashion Week, Asia’s most creative fashion week, is supporting the presence of 6 men’s designers in a dedicated space.


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The first part of our collaboration with the China Fashion Association. Two designers, Valleyouth and Three in All, are leaving China for the first time since the pandemic to present their creations on the international stage.

The fruit of our team’s constant monitoring, always on the lookout for something new to offer: our first collaboration with Berlin Showroom, and a partnership with Portugal fashion.

So it’s a truly international edition.


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Fashion Week Seoul, soon Fahsion Week China, Tranoï is multiplying its partnerships. What are the objectives and strategies behind these partnerships?


These new faces in fashion come from all over the world. So that’s really our positioning.

Our vision is to showcase international design, emerging talent and brands with expertise.


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A lot of young Chinese brands are keen to make a name for themselves in Paris. Will Tranoï be supporting them?


The China Fashion Association contacted us to coach Chinese brands internationally. We’re interested in presenting the work of the new generation of Chinese designers.

I myself had the opportunity to work with the China Fashion Association 20 years ago. These were more conventional Chinese brands.

Now there really is a new generation. This generation has an international vision of fashion, and quite a big culture. So it’s very interesting. We’re going to support them in different ways.


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So we provide them with a team of sales people who canvass and organise meetings. We’ll put them in touch with international buyers. It’s difficult when you come from China and you’re not well known.

From September onwards, we’ll be providing them with commercial support. The plan for 2024 is to hold a major fashion show with these Chinese brands.


Tranois 16


Apart from China, there are more and more designers emerging around the world. Is there a dynamic comeback despite the difficulties in the market?


The closures are happening mainly in France. It’s the French market that’s complicated.

We attract a lot of international buyers. So what’s special about Paris Fashion Week is that it’s a very international Fashion Week.

We’re really positioning ourselves on an international market. China is opening up. The Middle East is booming. We’re hoping that French retail will get better and then, as the seasons go by, they’ll come back.


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How do I apply to the Tranoï show?


To exhibit at Tranoï, you have to fill in an application form. There is a selection committee made up of the office teams and experts, distributors, buyers and brands.

What’s different about it? The applications are analysed for style, value for money, commercial strategy, brand storytelling and know-how.

The 2 Chinese brands you’ve seen are real expertise. So, each time, we analyse everything and then make a selection.


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