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The Autumn/Winter 2024 collection from SANKUANZ offers a nostalgic journey and reimagines the revered Kangrinboqê, a sacred mountain in Buddhism with profound significance, which also served as the muse for the brand’s very first collection 11 years ago.

In this latest chapter, the collection explores a subtle fusion of classicism and modernity, seamlessly blending elements of luxury and streetwear while weaving cultural tapestries of Eastern imagery and Western representations.






In collaboration with the artists of ENCOR Studio, SANKUANZ presents a reinterpretation of the Kangrinboqê landscape through an ethereal light installation at the heart of the venue.  This sensory experience is accompanied by the musical composition ‘Seven Diamond Lines’ by Chinese artist Tadi Yan, interwoven with sacred chants from Buddhist texts, transporting the audience to the summit of the mountain.


SANKUANZ 与 ENCOR 工作室的艺术家合作,在展厅的核心呈现了一个唯美的光影装置,重新演绎了冈仁波齐峰的山水风景。音乐配乐中,融入了中国音乐家阿丹迪的作品《七颗钻石线》,以及佛教经文的神圣诵唱。这段音乐之旅宛如一扇门户,将观众带到了山顶之巅。



The collection draws on the rich diversity of ethnic styles, from Han to Tibetan, paying homage to traditional Chinese attire with a loose and generous silhouette. The traditional drape of the Tibetan robe is showcased on coats, sweatshirts, and jackets, infusing a touch of modernity into the essence of the East. Elements such as the cross-collar, reminiscent of Tibetan khata scarves, are creatively reinterpreted in twisted jackets, wrapped-collar shirts, geometric-neckline dresses, and V-front jeans.


SANKUANZ 回归源头,通过丰富多样的民族风格,从汉族到藏族,采用宽松大气的剪裁,向中国传统服饰致敬,并为经典剪裁注入新的生命。




The seasonal color palette is inspired by natural hues, reflecting the reverence for nature in ancient Eastern religions, with burgundy reds, earthy browns, camouflage olives, and tranquil blues.

The iconic dagger is used as ornamentation on zippers, drawstrings, and even in the shape of cowboy boot tips and worn mules. Beyond its stylistic significance, the dagger holds deeper symbolism, often used in Buddhist rituals, emphasizing the collection’s spiritual connection to the sacred Kangrinboqê. A jewelry collection featuring the distinctive dagger motif is also unveiled this season.


本季的色彩灵感来自大自然的色调 – 酒红、土褐、迷彩橄榄和宁静蓝色 – 体现了对大自然的崇敬,这是东方早期宗教中内在的。




The collection also showcases the works of South Korean tattoo artist and illustrator Miki Kim, highlighting her ‘Human Orchid Mantis’ series through a collaboration. The fusion of praying mantis silhouettes with the feminine form creates a powerful visual impact, enhanced by dynamic graphic elements throughout the collection.


在这个系列中,SANKUANZ 还展示了韩国纹身艺术家和插画家 Miki Kim 的作品,展示了她的 “Human Orchid Mantis” 系列。螳螂的优雅和观察力与女性形象融合,营造出强烈的视觉冲击,同时,整个系列中的图形元素的动态呈现进一步增强了这种效果。



The Autumn/Winter 2024 collection from SANKUANZ is an artistic and cultural exploration that blends tradition and modernity, luxury and streetwear, while celebrating diversity and individual expression through unique and bold creations.


SANKUANZ 2024 秋冬系列是一次艺术与文化的探索,融合了传统与现代,奢华与街头风,通过独特而大胆的创作,庆祝多样性和个体表达的力量。




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