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Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres


Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres

Sustainable fashion from Peru




Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres is a Peruvian fashion designer. He is the country’s avant-garde fashion designer in the book INTIMIDAD DE LA CREACIÓN ARTE Y MODA – DISEÑADORES VANGUARDISTAS DEL PERU.

He has been a fashion teacher since 1989 and a fashion consultant for the Ministry of Production since 2005.

He developed the country’s flagship costumes, worn by Peru’s most beautiful girls all over the world and presented at beauty contests such as Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Intercontinental.

At the same time, he developed Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear fashion shows in Italy, Spain, Belgium, and France,

Distinguishing in an ETHNIC AND CREATIVE FASHION, the Ministry of Production appoints him to the SALON DE CHOCOLAT fashion shows, where his creations are made in this exquisite material with PERUVIAN COCOA.

He is also sensitive to the need to protect our planet. He has been involved in two exceptional creations using bamboo fabric.  He shares his experiences with us.



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How did you come across this new bamboo fibre material?


Bamboo fabric is a biodegradable textile material. Bamboo fabric enabled me to make my Inca-inspired creation with a vision of the future. Thanks to its components, it does not generate any contamination in the environment.

If you look closely at the comparison with Inca textiles, it’s almost the same method they used. All-natural fibres and dyes help to protect Mother Earth.

In my opinion, bamboo is an exquisite material thanks to its refinement. Above all, it takes care of our body’s health. This new material allows me to make experimental garments and assemblies.


I’m surprised that its fibre accepts new dyes and experimental prints, as well as handmade embroidery.


What inspires your designs?


INCA culture and CHINESE culture have something in common: RELIGION. In general terms, it’s a form of polytheism and syncretism that includes veneration of the stars, taking inspiration from the SUN GOD as a spiritual doctrine.

My inspiration is the god HANAN PACHA, who is the inhabitant of the upper world. This idea allows me to unite these two great cultures in two HIGH COSTURE and READY-TO-WEAR outfits, because they will reflect a vision that is avant-garde, frank and practical, without losing elegance and distinction.


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里卡多-米格尔-达维拉-谢尔雷斯是秘鲁著名的时装设计师。他在《INTIMIDAD DE LA CREACIÓN ARTE Y MODA – DISEÑADORES VANGUARDISTAS DEL PERU》一书中被认为秘鲁国家先锋派时装设计师。














我的灵感是HANAN PACHA神,他是上层神灵世界的居民。我的理念是能够将这两种伟大的文化结合在一件高级服装和一件成衣的设计中,它们将反映出一种前卫、坦率和实用的理念,同时不失优雅和与众不同。竹纤维面料剪裁、创造和实现过程是真正的实验性的体验。




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