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IMANE AYISSI : A New Exploration



伊曼-阿伊西 : 一次新的探索


The presentation of Imane Ayissi’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection took place on January 22, 2014, during Paris Fashion Week.

The collection emphasizes draping as a central element, utilizing various techniques to create unique garments.






Ayissi draws inspiration from the ancient art of draping, a gesture widespread across numerous cultures worldwide, from the peplum to the sari, still practiced daily by many women in West and Central Africa.

Ayissi explores different ways of wrapping, draping, and layering fabrics to create refined and sculptural garments. He creates pieces that sometimes complement traditional elements of Western wardrobes, but also result in sculpted dresses directly on the mannequin, held together by folds and one or two seams.

The collection highlights a variety of fabrics such as draped crepes, reverse satin crepes, organza, taffeta, faille, and duchess satin. Additionally, Ayissi incorporates several versions of his favorite fabric, the handwoven Kente from Ghana. This diversity of fabrics reflects the richness of cultural influences and artisanal craftsmanship.













Imane Ayissi places great importance on eco-responsibility. He ensures the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in his creations, contributing to promoting a more responsible fashion. Furthermore, Ayissi utilizes the latest generation of bamboo fabrics.

The Ecobamboo fiber is produced in China by the Jilin Chemical Fibre group from high-quality bamboo and is certified by several international organizations, guaranteeing its durability and ecological qualities. The bamboo fabrics used by Imane Ayissi are manufactured in Turkey by the company Elyaf Tekstil, which offers ecological and durable products.

The bamboo fabrics used by Imane Ayissi are manufactured in Turkey by the company Elyaf Tekstil. Elyaf Tekstil offers eco-friendly and sustainable products. The director, Elif BILGE OLAGANER, explained: “Inspired by nature and the bamboo fiber, we combine environmental sustainability and aesthetic excellence in our productions. The fabrics we create with bamboo fiber, which undergo a unique finishing process in our factory, transform into an elegant and beautiful texture like silk. We thus offer a unique alternative in sustainable fashion.”







伊曼使用的竹纤维面料由土耳其的Elyaf Tekstil公司制造。Elyaf Tekstil公司的总经理Elif BILGE OLAGANER解释说:受到大自然和Ecobamboo竹纤维的启发,我们的产品将环境可持续性和美学卓越相结合。竹纤维的面料在我们的工厂经过独特的处理过程后,变成了一种像丝绸一样优雅美丽的质地。因此,我们提供了另外一种独特的、可持续的时尚选择。


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Behind the scenes of the fashion show, Imane Ayissi and Jean-Marc Chauve, two individuals with their own fashion perspectives, complement each other perfectly, allowing for the incredible evolution of the Imane Ayissi brand and the creation of a new language of cultural diversity and sustainable fashion.

在走秀的幕后,伊曼-阿伊西和让-马克-肖夫两位设计师,具有各自时尚观点, 但完美地互补,他们的合作推动了Imane Ayissi品牌的迅速发展,并创造了一种新的多元文化和可持续时尚相融的语言。



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Several personalities attended the event, includingNicolas Bonnet-Ouladj, Deputy to the Mayor of Paris responsible for trade, crafts, liberal professions, handicrafts, and fashion ; Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion.

此次活动有多位重要嘉宾参加,尤其是巴黎市负责商业、手工艺、艺术和时尚行业的副市长Nicolas Bonnet-Ouladj 先生; 高级时装和时尚联盟、巴黎时装周执行主席Pascal Morand先生 亲临活动现场


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Imane’s talent was truly appreciated by the public. Amélie LANDMANN, International Project Manager of the Franco-Chinese Exchange Committee of CCI International Paris Ile-de-France, shared her experience:

“Imane Ayissi’s collection featured African patterns mixed with textiles, notably the use of bamboo fiber. The cuts varied, ranging from delicate cuts to more elaborate ones with long trains. A particular outfit that I liked was a red-orange jumpsuit with flowers, creating a sought-after androgynous style. Another black jumpsuit with straw knots and a train was also appreciated for its unique silhouette. The garments used bamboo fabric to delicately bring African elements while retaining typical straight cuts of couture. This diversity of shapes and elements made the collection interesting and unique. The effort put into creating these garments was evident and contributed to the beauty of the collection.”


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伊曼的才华深受在场嘉宾们喜爱。巴黎国际商会中法交流委员会的国际项目负责人Amélie LANDMANN分享了她的经验:




Living 2024

for Diversity and Peace


The year 2024 is marked by the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, as well as the Franco-Chinese Year of Cultural Tourism and the Paris Olympics. Imane Ayissi and the magazine Airs de Paris are collaborating to celebrate cultural diversity and sustainability throughout the year.

The essence of Imane Ayissi’s work is to bring cultures together with renewed joy. He stated: “Faced with the great challenges of our time, it is urgent for us to unite to imagine, together, new ways of living and to define new common goods.”



2024年 : 文化多样性与和平






Let’s unite to imagine and invent diversity and sustainability. By accepting our differences and listening to others, we can create an environment conducive to peace and mutual understanding.




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