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Henrik Vibskov : Unboxing


For the SS24 Studio collection, Henrik Vibskov and his team were inspired by literal card boxes with a touch of real boxing and the aesthetic world around the sport.


Henrik Vibskov unboxing 2


Attracted by the idea of the box as a vessel that inhabits and protects precious objects for a limited time, as it floats through endless lines of moving boxes like itself.

The team explored the significant features of the box as well as the idea of carefully packing goods, the fateful uncertainty of sending a parcel and the curious excitement of receiving it.


Henrik Vibskov unboxing 3


From there, the team quickly thought about all the other types of boxes that surround us. The human mind loves to put things in boxes, an unconscious reflex to sort and process what surrounds us.

So the theme quickly focused on ‘unboxing’ the physical and symbolic boxes we inhabit, in the context of a real boxing ring with the imagery and characteristics emblematic of the sport.


Henrik Vibskov unboxing 4


The collection reflects this theme in a number of ways: dresses and shirts inspired by unexpected deliveries, with the front in the back that can be worn in both directions, details in the garments that play with the shape of the handles, and textiles inspired by bubble wrap that contrast with the rather rectilinear and boxy styles.


Henrik Vibskov unboxing 6


The woven textiles play with the idea of being ‘in transit’ and ‘on delivery’ and the prints feature unfolded flat boxes, dynamic collages of boxing rings and boxing glove flowers, trying to eliminate all ideas of norms in a peaceful way, of course.

One textile even features the delivery bird in the form of a dove of peace.


Henrik Vibskov unboxing 7


This year, Henrik Vibskov celebrates 20 years of designing in France. A graduate of Central St Martin’s in 2001, he became a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine in January 2003 and for over ten years was the only Danish fashion designer to appear on the official list of fashion designers.



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