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Denzilpatrick: A journey


For the Denzilpatrick SS24 Collection, Daniel has imagined how to dress for a journey and how that dressing can evolve, taking your wardrobe from epic migrations on land, sea, to small passages in the city, and the places we visit in our hopes and dreams.

We all travel for love, for refuge, for trade, for leisure. We cross skies and oceans, streets and parks to find the “centre of our world”.

What do we need for this journey?

When will we know we’ve arrived?

When can we put our suitcases away, because we no longer need to travel?



Inspired by Samuel Selvon’s novel The Lonely Londoners, the new arrivals, with their bold tailoring and summery allure, are represented in double-breasted jackets and matching waistcoats.

As these travellers try to find a new ‘home’, where their hearts belong, the journey is updated in a wardrobe inspired by days outdoors.

Tailoring shapes are repeated in softer structures, trouser cuts become easier.



Party and pageantry are the order of the day, influenced by the bright colours of British Caribbean designer Althea McNish. Classic outerwear is dotted with carnival embroidery and tropical-coloured thermal underwear.

The emotion is intensified with vibrant colours, the pieces are inspired by nightwear and take us to places that perhaps exist more in dreams.


Denzilpatrick 6


The graphics in the collection act as reminders of those journeys past and future, with ocean liner badges and local taxi business cards all proclaiming Denzilpatrick’s slogan: ‘London belongs to me’.



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