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Individuality is the unconventional aspect that makes each of us unique. For Spring/Summer 2024, AURALEE celebrates those subtle details that make all the difference, defining expressive ways of being ourselves.

As always, original, top-quality fabrics form the basis of the collection. Textured dry cottons, delicate organza, summer-weight mohair wool, wool-blend poplin, homespun knit tweed, nylon taffeta – luxurious, fine materials whose surfaces are sometimes wrinkled.



Surfaces are sometimes wrinkled, as if they had been washed and just come out of the tumble dryer. Some are treated to a smooth finish or translucent sheen, adding that deceptive touch of imperfection that makes every garment distinctive.

Silk-lined coats, fine wool trench coats and light mohair trousers are reversible, deliberately worn inside out to convey an attitude of personal interpretation.

In the same vein, tropical wool outerwear, jackets and hoodies are contrasted with a voluminous sponge effect, making their look unconventional without detracting from their elegant functionality.



The knitwear is soft, sheer, airy and versatile, offered in high gauge variations, layered and worn with shorts, high socks and leather shoes for a bit of stylistic whimsy.

The palette of delicate whites, beiges, pale greens and pale blues is soft and poetic, while strong reds, turquoises and greens convey a chromatic vitality. Black accentuates the intensity of the strong colours and the luminosity of the whites.

The outfits are complemented by lightweight yet sturdy mesh bags and cycling-inspired panniers, which effortlessly hold unworn layers and give an air of openness.



Offbeat yet relaxed, nonchalant yet elegant, AURALEE’s spring-summer 2024 collection welcomes the new season with a cool, free attitude that’s all about the wearer.



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