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Bamboo has been cultivated in China for thousands of years, and has been used in many sectors. In the 21st century, the fashion industry has moved towards a more ecological and responsible model. ECOBAMBOO is a new generation of ecological fibre produced by the Jilin Chemical Fibre Group. The quality of its bamboo is superior and environmentally friendly.

Convinced of this ecological necessity, Zibo Carol Fashion Co has specialised in the manufacture of ECOBAMBOO fibre fabric and clothing.


A true Chinese entrepreneurial story…


President Sun Ying began his entrepreneurial adventure in 1992 with two sewing machines. Today, the company has several production lines equipped with cutting-edge technology, a professional team and respectful management.

Zibo Carol Fashion Co puts product quality and respect for traceability first. That’s why the company recently won the Bamboo Union Award for Excellence in Innovation.

Of course, Zibo Carol Fashion Co is a member of Bamboo Union. It is also one of Airs de Paris magazine’s most imploring partners in its sustainable fashion project.



淄博佳柔服饰有限公司深信生态的必要性,勇于创新,专注于 ECOBAMBOO竹纤维面料和服装的开发和制造。





将产品质量放在首位,同时不忘尊重产品生产链的可追溯性,因此淄博佳柔服饰有限公司获得了天竹联盟颁发的 “卓越创新奖”。



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ECOBAMBOO  x  Creativity…


Bamboo fibre has an enormous number of advantages, and few people realise it! ECOBAMBOO is in fact a kind of regenerated cellulose fibre. Bamboo plants are crushed to make a pulp, which is then spun into fibres using a wet process.

The ECOBAMBOO production process is closed at every stage to ensure that production is managed in a more environmentally-friendly way.

To protect forests, species and climate stability, ECOBAMBOO benefits from a sustainable supply chain. It has been awarded the “30 Buttons” as well as the “Dark Green Shirt” label in the Hot Button CANOPY 2022 report.

Zibo Carol Fashion Co’s fabric is made from 100% or 95% ECOBAMBOO. This material is soft and pleasant to wear, even on the most sensitive skin.

Designers from all over the world are giving free rein to their imagination to create a new sustainable aesthetic with bamboo fabrics from Carol Fashion…


天竹纤维 x 全球创意




ECOBAMBOO 生产过程的每个阶段都是封闭的,以确保生产管理更加环保。

ECOBAMBOO的生产过程中注重清洁能源使用,在LCA评价中获得绿叶标志。生产过程中实现危险化学品零排放,是ZDHC的执行者。ECOBAMBOO确保所供应的产品皆符合社会责任标准的要求,提供了产品生态安全的保证,获得了SA8000和OEKO-Tex Standard100认证。达到国际可持续纺织品生产的最高标准,通过了OEKO-STEP最佳实践范例认证。






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Imane Ayissi


Imane Ayissi, a former dancer and model, is the first French designer of African origin to take to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. The French Ministry of Culture awarded him the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

This talented designer is an advocate of “Slow Fashion”. In his designs, he uses natural materials that have less impact on the environment. Curious and daring, Iman Ayissi is also one of the first to use Ecobamboo fabric.

Two dresses have been designed and made in his workshop using bamboo-based fabrics. The white and black colours he uses symbolise the harmony of Ying and Yang, the two forces of nature in China.


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Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres


Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres is considered to be an avant-garde Peruvian fashion designer. Since 2005, he has been a fashion consultant for the Peruvian Ministry of Production.

His designs are characterised by a highly recognisable identity: both responsibility and creativity. Focusing on the planet’s ecology, he combines his designs exclusively with Ecobambo fabric. Ricardo is also inspired by the Inca and Chinese cultures.





他的设计具有极高的辨识度:责任感与创造力兼具。他的设计关注地球生态,采用佳柔服饰有限公司生产的Ecobambo 面料,里卡多的设计灵感融合印加文化和中国文化。


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Virginie Zurfluh


Virginie Zurfluh is a fashion designer with a passion for natural fibres. Jean François Savornin’s creation of Héliquadrisme (a geometry of movement) is a magical universe.

Virginie combines Jean-François’ artistic motifs with Ecobamboo fabric to create magnificent eco-friendly dresses!




维吉妮-祖尔弗卢是一位对天然纤维情有独钟的时装设计师。让-弗朗索瓦-萨沃宁创造了 Heliquadrism神奇艺术世界。



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The Coup de Pouce association


The Coup de Pouce association was set up in 1997 by a group of women who wanted to create a business in which each woman could put her skills to good use. Coup de Pouce is a sewing workshop, a place of creation that attaches importance to fundamental social links.

In this exemplary workshop, the great seamstress is Marie Hélène. A graduate of the Paris International Cutting School, Marie Hélène has built up a wealth of experience working for fabulous fashion houses such as Yves Saint-Laurent. After a difficult time in my life, she has found fulfilment thanks to the atelier. The seamstress brings her expertise to bear on her two dresses created using Carol Fashion’s Ecobamboo fabric.


Coup de Pouce 协会


Coup de Pouce 协会成立于1997年,由一群希望创建一个让每个妇女都能发挥技能的妇女创办,协会不仅是一个缝纫工作坊,还是促进社会联系的交流场所。



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For over 40 years, the international fashion school IFA Paris has been offering high-quality, cosmopolitan education. Its French know-how and ethics are irreproachable in the fashion and luxury industries. Driven by a desire to respect people and the planet, the school’s students express their commitment to sustainable fashion in their Ecobamboo creations.

Laura, a student artist, demonstrates this by mixing her South American know-how with Ecobamboo fabric.

Giovanni Zocchetta presented a look from his latest collection. His main inspiration came from images of physics experiments from the early 20th century, and he created an asymmetrical mermaid-cut skirt using bamboo fibre fabric. To support this skirt on the hips, he modelled and 3D printed an oval structure resting at an angle on the waist. The upper part of the look is a 3D printed bra with laces.


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巴黎 IFA 时装学院


40 多年来,巴黎高等时尚学院(IFA Paris)一直致力于提供高质量的国际化教育,在时尚和奢侈品教育行业无可指责。



乔瓦尼-佐切塔展示了他的最新系列 “Thoughts Fool”。他的主要灵感来自20世纪初的物理实验。他使用竹纤维面料制作了一条不对称的美人鱼剪裁裙。为了支撑臀部的裙摆,他制作并3D打印了一个椭圆形结构,以一定角度固定在腰部,上半部分是一个3D打印的带花边的胸罩。


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Bamboo has been the plant symbol of China for over seven thousand years. In the near future, bamboo fibre could be one of the main materials used in textiles.

Zibo Carol Fashion Co is an expert in Ecobamboo  fibre. The company will have a long and happy future ahead of it!




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