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What are the advantages of bamboo fibre ?




Ecobamboo fibre is a patent product from China, a green eco-fibre produced from bamboo in an environment friendly process.

ECOBAMBOO establishes a traceable supply chain from the raw material side, and the selected bamboo materials are recognized by FSC and ORGANIC certification.

The manufacturing has obtained has achieved 30 hot buttons and also the dark green shirt in the report of CANOPY2022, which meets the «Bamboo Forest Management» Standard of Bamboo Union.


What are the advantages of bamboo fibre?


TH Textile and Saif Group  , two experts from the textile industry in the world share their views and experiences.







TH Textile 和 Saif Group 两位来自全球纺织业的专家分享了他们的观点和经验。






Saif Group is the first  partner of JIGAO in Pakistan and started to use bamboo fiber in 2006.

And their Egyptian company (Mediterranean Textile Company S.A.E.) started to use bamboo fiber in 2016.




What are the advantages of bamboo fibre 2

Mr Nauman, director of  marketing of  Saif Group


Mr Nauman, director of  marketing, share their experience :


[ Our Spinning mills are involved in the manufacturing and sale of 100% Bamboo & blend Yarns for various end uses – towels, socks, apparel, shirt and home textiles covering important markets in Europe, Turkey, Middle East & South America.

We specially blend the finest Egyptian and Supima raw materials with bamboo fibre to spin yarns for renowned brands.

The elongation of bamboo fibre is very good, it could improve the quality of fine count yarns. ]


Saif集团在2006年开始使用竹纤维,是巴基斯坦第一个天竹纤维合作者。他们的埃及分公司 Mediterranean Textile Company S.A.E. 在2016年开始使用天竹纤维。



[ 我们的纺纱厂从事100%竹纤维和混纺纱线的生产和销售,用于各种毛巾、袜子、服装、衬衫和家用纺织品的生产,产品覆盖欧洲、土耳其、中东和南美的重要市场。





TH Textile



TH Textile is a Pakistan textile producer and provides top quality of 100% bamboo, bamboo cotton and bamboo stretch for use in making garments.

Tariq Hassan is the director of the company and here is what he shares with us about bamboo fabrics :


[ The advantages of Bamboo Fabric is quite a lot. Bamboo is an ultra-soft fabric, breathable, reliable for hot weather conditions, powerful insulating, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, offers UV protection and it is good for sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric, unlike cotton, is naturally permeable and draws moisture from the skin. So you won’t get wet when you sweat. In addition, bamboo fiber fabric is very light and silky soft.

In order to create garments, bags, linens, curtains, and backpacks, bamboo is frequently combined with various fibers and materials. Bamboo is naturally elastic and breathable. The thread count of bamboo determines how soft the cloth is , the higher the thread count, the more bamboo there is. ]



公司总经理Tariq Hassan 先生分享对天竹纤维纺织品的看法:


[ 天竹纤维纺织品的品质是卓越的! 它是一种超柔软的纺织品;天竹纤维的服装是透气的;对于炎热的天气是适合的;而且是吸湿排汗的;是抗菌的;还提供紫外线保护;对敏感皮肤也有好处。





What are the advantages of bamboo fibre 3





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