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Terme Abyek : potential of bamboo fibre


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Terme Abyek is one of the leading spinning mills in Iran, producing variety of viscose yarns and serving different garment sectors specially Iran army.


Mr. Eghbal, President of Terme Abyek, analyses the potential of bamboo fibre in the Iranian market.


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Mr. Eghbal, President of Terme Abyek


What  are  the  special  and  unique  characteristics  of  bamboo  fiber  compared  to  other fibers in the market?


The reasons for choosing bamboo fiber as the main raw material  in Terme Abyek factory are the following: higher color absorption compared to viscose in the dyeing process.

In terms of appearance, cotton yarn is matt and viscose yarn is shiny, while bamboo yarn has a state between viscose and cotton which is much better, and as a result, it is more liked by customers.

Bamboo fibres are environment friendly and considering that many countries are paying a lot of attention to this matter nowadays. Therefore, Terme Abyek has a great desire to become the pioneer of this sector in Iran by producing a portfolio of final products made from bamboo fibre.

Fabrics made from bamboo fibers have anti-allergic and antibacterial properties and are a very suitable option for producing all kinds of baby and children’s clothes.


How  do  you  evaluate  the  current  position  of  bamboo  fibers  in  Iran’s  textile industry and the potential in this sector?


Although bamboo fibre has found its rightful place all over the world, but in Iran it has not yet reached the level that it should be. Considering that bamboo fibre is considered as a luxurious and nature-friendly raw material, it has a high potential to replace other cellulose products and natural fibres.

Terme Abyek Company is introducing more and more of this  valuable  product  to  the  Iranian  market  by  launching  the  final  product  line  of  bamboo  products  under Seen Sheen  brand  and managed by  his daughter Ms.Saviz  Eghbal.  Ms.Eghbal is working hard on developing the best quality of fabric made from  bamboo fibre and her take on this project will help to make a great name and position for  Bamboo.


What are the positive and negative feedbacks given by companies that consume the products made from bamboo fibers?


Among the positive things that the consumers of bamboo yarn produced by Terme Abyek Company have reflected include the good dyeability of this yarn compared to other yarns in the market and the softness of fabrics woven from bamboo yarn compared to cotton fabrics,viscose and other available fabrics in the market.


Please provide suggestions that will increase the tendency  to consume and  better introduce bamboo fibers in the textile industry of Iran?


In my opinion, one of the best ways to better introduce this valuable fiber to the Iranian  market is to produce and supply the final bamboo products, and in this way, the main  customers  will  get  to  know  the  quality  and  differences  of  this  fiber  with  other  similar  fibers.  The desire for consuming bamboo products will accordingly increase.


Terme Abyek是伊朗重要的纺纱厂之一,生产各种粘胶纱,为不同的国家部门,特别是伊朗军队服务。Terme Abyek的总裁Eghbal先生分析天竹纤维在伊朗市场的潜力。




Terme Abyek工厂选择竹纤维作为主要原料的原因有以下几点。在染色过程中,与粘胶相比,颜色吸收率更高。 就外观而言,棉纱是亚光的,粘胶纱是有光泽的,而竹纤维纱的状态介于粘胶和棉之间,要好得多,因此它更受客户喜欢。

竹纤维是环保的,考虑到现在很多国家都很重视这个问题。因此Terme Abyek公司非常希望成为伊朗这一领域的先锋,生产由竹纤维制成的最终产品组合。






Terme Abyek公司正在向伊朗市场推出越来越多的这种有价值的产品,我的女儿Saviz Eghbal女士发起和管理的Seen Sheen品牌下推出了竹制品的最终产品系列。Eghbal女士正在努力开发由竹纤维制成的最佳质量的纺织品,她在这个项目中的努力将有助于为竹纤维创造一个卓越的品牌。




使用Terme Abyek公司生产的竹纤维纱线的客户的反馈是非常积极的,包括:与市场上其他纱线相比,这种纱线的染色性好;与棉布、粘胶和市场上其他可用的织物相比,用竹纤维纱线织出的织物很柔软。




在我看来,将这种有价值的纤维更好地引入伊朗市场的最好方法之一是生产和供应最终的竹制纺织品,通过这种方式,主要客户将了解这种纤维的质量和与其他类似纤维的区别。 对竹制纺织品的消费欲望也会相应增加。




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