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Nest Designs were founded in 2013 and it is based in Vancouver, Canada. They started with baby sleeping bags. Nest Designs specializes in the design and production of sleepwear and bedding products with a vision to create simple and environmentally friendly bedding routines for parents and babies.


Nest Designs is constantly looking for healthy and sustainable solutions, improving materials and craftsmanship to increase the quality of its products with functional and simple designs, and continues to introduce more stylish products for mothers and babies.



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Regarding bamboo fiber, what’s your products’ series?


Nest Designs currently offer a «Bamboo Trails» range: based on Ecobamboo® fibre, blended with various textured quality fibres, the complete range currently consists of five individual fabrics.

fabric is improved in terms of safety, skin-friendliness, comfort, breathability, and warmth, and covers sleeping bags, innerwear, bedding, and towels to cater for different domestic scenarios.

Nest Basics, a subsidiary brand of Nest Designs, also offers the Bamboo Light and Bamboo Velvet collections.

are based on Bamboo® fibre with cotton and elastane blends for comfort and stretch, and are coloured with virgin dye technology that reduces printing and dyeing processes for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable colouring.


Compared with other fibers, what are the features of bamboo fiber?


It is naturally degradable and has good antibacterial, moisture absorption and breathability properties. Its natural porous mesh structure allows the fabric to breathe as if it were breathing.


Sustainable fashion is an important focus these days, compared to cotton, is bamboo fiber more ecological?


Bamboo fibre is a natural, green fibre that decomposes completely in the soil, reducing damage to the environment.

On the other hand, bamboo grows quickly and can be cut in 2-3 years after being planted the same year, and can still grow quickly and be very productive after cutting.

It is a plant resource that can be planted once and for all, and can be planted on slopes and in depressions without taking up farmers’ arable land.


If your clients had some feedback about bamboo fiber, what are they?


Nest Designs consumers have found our bamboo fibre products to be moisture wicking and breathable, and the more you wash them, the softer they become.

antibacterial effect of bamboo fibre makes Nest Designs products more comfortable for babies’ delicate skin and safer against the skin.


If you will add more products series based on bamboo fiber in future?


We hope to experiment further and develop products that are more comfortable for babies’ and children’s skin, to meet a wider range of consumer scenarios.



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