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Ipeker is one of the oldest textile companies in Turkey with a fully integrated production facility. With many years of experience and high know-how, İpeker delicately delivers collections with high quality standards with full flexibility.


Green Factory


The production complies with the Green Factory sustainability program, which guarantees zero waste and clean energy consumption. İpeker’s quality standards are maintained by strict controls throughout the production process at various stages.

Starting with the selection of the yarn, all materials, chemicals and applications are carefully selected from suppliers that meet İpeker’s quality standards.

All İpeker production and collections are certified according to the Oeko-tex 100 standard. The bamboo collection is unique with a wide assortment of prints and dyed fabrics.


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G.Ihsan Ipeker, Managing Director


You have a wonderful bamboo collection, could you explain us their particularity?


We are proud to have 100% bamboo fabrics and mixtures with certified fine fibers. The combination with other fibers is very superb. Bamboo provides luxury touch, smooth hand, deep colors and vibrant gloss, gentle on skin and saves the planet. The story behind the bamboo is impressive and all the supplier chains cover the pillars of the sustainability.


What is the particularity of your production?


Sustainability is the core value of İpeker. We are focused on reliable, sustainable and scalable solutions that face up to the challenges our world faces today. We aim to improve all aspects of the world in which we operate—environmental, social, economic, ethics, next generations—creating a better tomorrow than today.

We have really been thinking about the concept of a sustainable way of life for all of us. It is about eight billion people and billions of other biological beings living on Earth.

İpeker’s sustainability strategy, called ‘Blue Balance Sustainability Program’ helps guide their business in having a positive impact on the world. The aim of the program is to improve all living beings’ life standard from stakeholders to biodiversity.


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The principles and approaches of İpeker’s social and environmental sustainability goals are based on Human rights, the calculation of the production footprint (raw materials, energy, water and products), animal welfare and vegan textile processes. İpeker selects fine raw materials from best supply chain.

Our product range has the certificates of FSC, GOTS, OCS, RCS, GRS, BCI, Oekotex, V-Label Vegan and LCA. By the end of 2020, on our 100th anniversary in the industry, İpeker switched to 100 % renewable energy resources. I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) guarantees that İpeker aims at Zero Carbon Emission by using 100 % green energy.

In addition, we apply up cycling, recycling and reusing methods in the production. We also take part in industrial symbiosis projects for providing the awareness in circular economy.


Why did you identify your production as Vegan?


Ipeker is the world’s first V-Label Vegan fabric producer. İpeker innovated Vegan Textile Processes which ensures no animal protein from raw materials to finished goods. İpeker fibers, chemicals, dyestuff and other solvents are specially selected for Vegan Textile Processes.

Processes are redefined with this new production techniques to create the best alternatives of silk fabrics. İpeker fabrics are cruelty-free and does not have cross animal protein contamination to your skin. We support animal welfare.


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