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Héliquadrisme x Ecobamboo


Virginie Zurfluh is a passionate fashion designer. With prints taken from Jean-François’ paintings, the Héliquadrisme collection is unique.

The Héliquadrisme painting was created by Jean-François Savornin, who defines his art as “a geometry of movement”.

He paints two different pictures, but always on the same theme. These paintings become, whatever the sides put together, a veritable whirlwind of subjects, revealing an ever-renewed vision. Since his discovery, he has delighted and surprised.

Jean-François Savornin’s painting motifs are Virginie’s inspiration.

With scarves, tunics and dresses in prints taken from Jean-François’ paintings, the Héliquadrisme collection is unique and refined. With its warm, bright colours, each creation is a sunshine of Provence!

Virginie loves natural materials and combines artistic motifs with eco-friendly bamboo fibre fabrics to create a magnificent eco-friendly dress!



Exclusive interview with

Virginie Zurfluh



Heliquadrisme x Ecobamboo 2


How did you come up with these great dresses?


These two dresses were designed with an inspiration and creativity linked to the elegant drap of the bamboo fabric. I have chosen very sober and classic colours for the bamboo and enhanced them with the Heliquadrism printed silk.


What is your inspiration?


Inspiration is an aspiration that comes from the heart, and when I became aware of the incomparable touch of bamboo fabric, I wanted to create fluid, elegant models with this original touch of Heliquadrisme printed silk.


What is your experience with Ecobamboo fabrics?


Bamboo is an extremely comfortable fibre, easy to work with, and has a perfect fall. I had a lot of fun working with this material and creating these designs.


What are the essential qualities needed to be a stylist?


To be a stylist, the essential qualities are, I think, passion and then styling. It’s also the movement that you see every day in life. In other words, seeing women evolve. I create fashion exclusively for women, so it’s great to see these women moving.

It’s an inspiration that you can also find in nature, the colours, the different textures. In fact, being a stylist.

It means being open to life and feeling the quality of things, fabrics, the harmony of colours and everything that will enhance a woman’s personal interior.

The woman will go for the colours and materials that suit her, so it’s an exchange of know-how and happiness.


What inspires you to create your clothes?


In fashion or textiles, we’re perhaps less subject to the blank page or blank canvas that painters or writers might feel.

As far as I’m concerned, the fact that I live and move and see this world in motion means that I always have that little star of inspiration, and I say thank you.


Have you ever lost your inspiration?


Inspiration is passion, it’s life. Living is also an inspiration, nature, colours, movement and, in fashion collections, fabric and touch are also very important elements in creating the garment. My inspiration comes to me when I see autumn leaves dancing in the wind.



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