Elyaf Tekstil : transparency and traceability


Elyaf Tekstil:可持续和可追溯性


Elyaf tekstil is a fabric and garment manufacturer for womenswear , based on 27000 square meters as a fully integrated facility in Bursa, Turkey.

We have mulitple garment manufacturing facilities such as twisting, warping, weaving, dyeing,  printing, finishing. Our production capacity is over 20.000.000 meters fabric per year. The advantage of being an integrated facility provides us transparency and traceability.

Our main product groups are for the use of dresses, blouses, shirts, jackets and trousers. Main yarn  used in our fabrics are viscose, bamboo, lyocell, modal, polyamide, polyester, cotton and their elastane mixtures.

Our main export markets are in European Union, England and United States as well. We supply fabrics to the world’s leading fashion brands, primarily Inditex Group, H&M Group, Marks&Spencer, Marco Polo, Reiss, AllSaints, Mango, Max&Co, Hallhuber, Tommy Hilfiger, Just Cavalli, Moschino, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Next.


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Elif BILGE OLAGANER, General director


What is the particularity of your production for sustainable development? 

Sustainability is a culture, not a concept, product or label. It is very important to create a perspective on sustainability with a holistic approach. We have our own sustainability team dedicated to sustainable activities in our company.

When choosing raw materials, we pay attention to the sustainability criterias, and we ensure the traceability of raw materials we used with certificates such as OCS, GRS, RCS, FSC. Almost 100% of our collection, which has been prepared for the last 3 years, is designed using the most sustainable raw materials available.

For the new machine investments, we also take into consideration of its contribution to sustainable production besides the technical features of the machine and its investment cost. The environmental impact of the chemicals used in our fabric production is checked monthly with the ZDHC in-check report and 100% compliance is achieved.

There are several studies on process shortening, dyeing with lower temperatures, use of more environment friendly chemicals and process development using lower energy. We carry out research and development of more environmental friendly dyeing processes to continuously. We ensure the product safety and sustainability of our printed or dyed fabrics with Oekotex Standard 100 certificate.

We are a member of HIGG Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM) and HIGG Facility Environment Module (FEM), SEDEX (Pillar 4). We share our transparency, annual improvement plans and their results with our stakeholders via these platforms.


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How do you work with bamboo fibre?

We use regenerated bamboo fibre in our woven fabrics.  We both use staple and filament bamboo yarn. For all types of viscose fabrics  we offer bamboo version for a more environmental friendly alternative. We also obtain a more user-friendly product in terms of skin compatibility with its antibacterial feature.


How do you think about bamboo filament?

Bamboo is a renewable source for regenerated fibers when compared with regular viscose. Because raw material, bamboo, only needs 3 years to be ready for fiber production.

But regular viscose production use beech tree which needs more than 3 years. It doesn’t need any pesticide while growing since it has natural antibacterial property. It needs less water than cotton. It is biodegradable. We can declare FSC certificate for transparency and traceability of bamboo yarn.


Is there a demand for stylsite on this fibre?

Human are becoming more and more conscious every day about protecting nature and sustainability. Awareness has also increased in the final consumer in recent years.

The curiosity and questioning attitude of the Z generation and their conscious consumption tendency push brands and manufacturers to produce more responsible and fairer in almost every  field.

Due to our responsibility to nature and the environment, as well as the conscious behavior of consumers, none of us can turn our eyes  blind  to use sustainable  solutions anymore.

As  we equip our collections  with fully sustainable and  environment friendly products, the  chain is perfectly complemented  and brands are finding  the environmental products they  are looking for and  demanding them with enthusiasm.


How do you ensure the quality of your products?

Our strategy is that the fabrics we produce can be used for many years with the quality of the first day, in contrast to the disposable trend, but at the same time, they are produced with environmentally friendly methods.

We care every detail from the use of responsible and qualified raw materials to the safest production methods at every step.  We believe in to produce qualified and added value products to be able to protect our future.

With this philosophy, we adopt the principle of quality-oriented, not price-oriented. Persuasion and quality are always with you when you can explain the way of doing your business, your faith  to your customers or to the participants of the sector that makes up the chain, with all clarity and honesty.


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Elyaf tekstil是一家女装面料和服装制造商,位于土耳其布尔萨,占地27.000平方米,是一个完全一体化的工厂。内部拥有加捻、整经、织造、染色、印花、整理和服装生产设施,生产能力超过每年2000万米织物。作为一个综合性设施制造商,Elyaf 能够保证产品生产的透明度和可追溯性。

Elyaf的主要产品类别是用于连衣裙、衬衫、衬衣、夹克和裤子。我们的面料所使用的主要纱线类型是粘胶纤维、竹纤维、莱赛尔纤维、莫代尔、聚酰胺、聚酯、棉花及其弹性纤维混纺。Elyaf的主要出口市场是欧盟国家、英国和美国,为世界重要的时尚品牌提供面料,主要是Inditex集团、H&M集团、Marks&Spencer、Marco Polo、Reiss、AllSaints、Mango、Max&Co、Hallhuber、Tommy Hilfiger、Just Cavalli、Moschino、Calvin Klein、Michael Kors、Next。







在缩短工艺流程、用更低的温度进行染色、使用更环保的化学品和使用更低的能源进行工艺开发方面也有多项研究。我们也对更环保的染色工艺进行研究和开发。生产标准通过Oekotex Standard 100证书以确保我们的印花或染色织物的产品安全和可持续性。


















我们的策略是基于这样一个事实,即我们生产的面料可以保证耐久性,即使数年使用,但如最初的质量,并且它们是用环保的方法生产的。 我们关心每一个细节,从使用负责任和合格的原材料到每一个步骤最安全的生产方法。





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