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ECOBAMBOO 2023 : The Best Moments in Paris



China is renowned as the land of bamboo, and ECOBAMBOO fiber represents a significant innovation in bamboo culture in the 21st century! Meanwhile, Paris is recognized as the center for fashion and design, providing a unique space for creativity from around the world.

Airs de Paris is fully committed to promoting eco-responsibility and sustainable fashion. The magazine invites Ecobamboo fiber to participate in the creation of new sustainable creativity, highlighting its ecological characteristics and advantages for the fashion industry.

In 2023, Ecobamboo made its presence felt in Paris for an entire year, offering fresh inspiration …


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7-9 February 2023

Première Vision



On February 7, 8, and 9, 2023, professionals from the international creative fashion industry convened at Première Vision Paris. This year’s event provided tangible solutions in terms of eco-responsible sourcing and production.

Ecobamboo passionately advocates for sustainable development and is already being utilized by the world’s leading fabric manufacturers, making it one of the most sustainable solutions in the fashion industry!


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Elyaf is indeed one of the industry’s pioneers, providing eco-friendly and sustainable products to top fashion brands. They prioritize the use of the most sustainable raw materials and hold certifications such as OCS (Organic Content Standard), GRS (Global Recycled Standard), RCS (Recycled Claim Standard), and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

In their bamboo fiber collection, Elyaf adds a touch of design and art to the fabric, offering added value with the use of natural dyes. Elyaf’s commitment to sustainability and their use of eco-friendly materials make them a notable player in the fashion industry.


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Ipeker, as one of Turkey’s oldest textile companies, boasts a fully integrated production plant.  Maintaining stringent quality standards, Ipeker ensures rigorous controls at every stage of production.

All Ipeker production and collections are certified according to the Oeko-tex 100 standard, highlighting their commitment to sustainable and safe textile manufacturing practices. Ipeker’s Ecobamboo collection stands out with its wide range of prints and dyed fabrics, offering unique and versatile options for designers and fashion brands.


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Meltem Global, with 36 years of experience in the fashion industry, is dedicated to sustainable production and upholds a strong work ethic while respecting nature.

Their Ecobamboo fabric collection stands out for its composition of 100% bamboo fiber, which offers a soft and comfortable texture. By utilizing bamboo, a renewable and eco-friendly resource, Meltem contributes to sustainable fashion practices.


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Saintyear x ECOBAMBOO


Saintyear’s production is certified by several reputable standards, including Global Recycled, Recycled Polyester, Oeko-tex Step, and Sustainable Fabric.

In their Ecobamboo fabric development range, Saintyear introduces an innovative twist by blending recycled fibers with bamboo fiber. This combination not only utilizes sustainable materials but also adds a unique element to the fabric’s composition.


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Workshop : Sustainable Development


Première Vision Paris serves as a platform that brings together various stakeholders in the fashion industry. During the event, notable figures such as Bruno Lavagna, a French specialist in luxury brands, Luca Livio, the Managing Director of Italian manufacturer Monvania, Massimiliano Danisi, the Deputy Managing Director of Filofibra, Marco Severin, the Sales Director of Filofibra, and Ceyda Öcalan, the Managing Director of Ceyteks Ltd, gathered at the press center.

These industry experts had the opportunity to exchange experiences and enhance their understanding of sustainable development. Despite representing different sectors within the fashion industry, there was a strong consensus among them that sustainability is not only a current trend but also a crucial objective for the future.


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March 2023

Paris Fashion Week



Chai Brongniart x Ecobamboo


Indeed, the café Chai Brongniart at Palais Brongniart hosted Ecobamboo during Paris Fashion Week.

It was an ideal place to relax and enjoy a coffee or have lunch between fashion shows and the TRANOÏ international Fashion Trade Shows held at Palais Brongniart from March 2nd to 5th, 2023.


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Hôtel de Pourtalès x Ecobamboo


The Hôtel de Pourtalès holds a significant position in the realm of Parisian hotels, boasting exceptional beauty and a rich historical background.

Renowned for its efficient concierge service, the hotel offers a unique and unforgettable experience to its guests. Ecobamboo has established a presence within the hotel.


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Mulot x Ecobamboo


Ecobamboo has established a presence at Café Mulot, located on the Place des Vosges in Paris. This café holds a special significance as it is situated in the former home of the renowned writer Victor Hugo.

Café Mulot is not only a place for gastronomy but also serves as a hub for cultural encounters.


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Imane Ayissi  presented two models made from Ecobamboo fabric during the  meeting at Café Mulot.

Imane’s creations embody his own interpretation of “slow fashion” , emphasizing sustainability and mindful consumption.


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4, 5 & 6 July,

Première Vision Paris



Première Vision Paris, held on July 4th, 5th, and 6th, presented a redesigned format to address the challenges faced by the fashion industry in its transformation towards eco-responsibility.

One of the notable exhibits at Première Vision is the bamboo fiber produced by Jilin Chemical Fiber Group, which has been showcased since 2008. This year, ECOBAMBOO, made from high-quality bamboo, was also introduced at the event.


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Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres  x Ecobamboo


Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres, a renowned avant-garde fashion designer from Peru, has gained recognition for his Ecobamboo creations.

Through his designs, he skillfully combines the cultures of the Inca and Chinese, resulting in sustainable and ethical fashion.

His visit to Paris was a special occasion to showcase his innovative approach to fashion.


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IFA Paris x Ecobamboo


IFA Paris, an educational institution, collaborates with its students to promote a vision of fashion that is sustainable, ethical, and inclusive.

The students express their commitment to sustainable fashion through their creations using Ecobamboo fabric.

This initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage a more responsible approach to fashion.


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Bamboo Union, an organization focused on the development of bamboo-related industries, has a global presence with partners across different continents.

At Première Vision Paris, Bamboo Union’s international partners gather to exchange ideas and foster collaboration in the field of sustainable fashion.


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6th July 2023

Paris Fashion Week



Imane Ayissi x Ecobamboo


For his Autumn Winter 2023-2024 collection, Imane Ayissi embarks on a creative journey to explore the realms of lines, shapes, volumes, movements, colors, and textures.

With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Imane merges his artistic vision with ecological consciousness.



For this collection, Imane has used the finest bamboo fabrics. The international members of the Bamboo Union came to Paris to support this ecological commitment.


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25 September 2023

Paris Fashion Week



On the first day of Paris Fashion Week, Airs de Paris hosted an event at the Pullman Hotel, inviting artists and designers from around the world to showcase their sustainable creativity. One of the highlights of the event was the Ecobamboo collection, which was on display.


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During the event, Jean-Baptiste Andreani, the CEO of IFA Paris, shared the collaborative experience between IFA Paris and Airs de Paris magazine in promoting sustainable fashion.


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ECOBAMBOO is indeed a remarkable expression of Chinese creativity. It goes beyond language barriers and cultural differences, offering a mutual understanding between different cultures in a unique and unprecedented way.

In 2023, all the partners involved in the project of ECOBAMBOO dedicated an entire year to participating in an intercultural exchange.


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Thanks for the wonderful experiences we shared in 2023,

and here’s to an even more amazing and prosperous New Year in 2024 …


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