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Matière Grise : A passion for metal!




Matière Grise sublimates metal work through design.  This touch of creativity, linked to a sense of function, allows the company to overturn preconceptions about its favourite material.

With Matière Grise, metal inspires.  Interpreted by leading designers and adorned with a rich palette of finishes and colours, it structures a brand universe that is identifiable in the eyes of selective distribution, specifiers and private individuals.




Since the brand’s inception in 2005, French manufacturing has been an unwavering part of our DNA. Near Lyon, in an industrial area rich in know-how, our workshop bends, welds and paints metal, using state-of-the-art expertise to guarantee the impeccable quality of our products.

We are aware of the current issues regarding the environmental impact of our industrial activity. Our raw material, metal, whether steel or aluminium, is a material that has benefited for many years from a very well controlled and developed collection and recycling circuit. When we create a new product, we always seek to extend its life cycle, by its solidity and recyclability as much as by its aesthetics.


Elegant and timeless


Our furniture is designed for a casual, bold and free lifestyle. Whether indoors or outdoors, our furniture is durable and long-lasting in design and timeless in appearance.

To create our products, we work with designers from different backgrounds, who share our desire to offer furniture that is easy to live with, elegant, and that leaves room for freedom and singularity. This idea of singularity, imagination and freedom is materialised in our collections by the possibility of personalising your product thanks to the wide range of colours, the numerous variations in sizes available and the possibility of using your furniture both inside and outside.


Top quality


From the development of the best method to the production of large series, our workers are involved in each stage of manufacture and put their dexterity at the service of your satisfaction. Bending at the right angle, welding with regularity and neatness, applying the powder that will colour the product, then packing it carefully…

Day after day, the gestures are repeated to perfection, to give life, softness and colour to the metal, and to manufacture furniture of impeccable quality.





Matière Grise通过设计升华了金属工艺。 这种创造性的制造,与功能感相联系,精美绝伦的产品颠覆人们对金属材料的成见。

在Matière Grise,金属激发了灵感。 通过设计师的诠释,丰富的表面处理和颜色的装饰,它构建了一个在优选性分销、行业经验者和大众眼中可识别的个性化的品牌世界。




















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