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Hôtel Louvre Lens


The Hotel Louvre Lens was an authentic croon, a group of workers’ houses, formerly called Cité 9.

The complete rehabilitation of these houses into a four-star hotel gives it a unique character, thus participating in the preservation of the mining heritage, but also in its enhancement.



The hotel stands

as a link  between

the past and the new architecture.



Hotel Louvre Lens 2


The subtle confrontation between the rehabilitation of the houses and the creation of new buildings.

The impregnation of the site by showing the imprint of the past, such as the enhancement of the brick walls.

The affirmation of the northern theme with the choice of dark tones such as black, a comparison with coal ground.


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The rooms are comfortable. Black is deliberately used in the rooms for a dark, restful atmosphere.

And this atmosphere is contrasted by a very light and white bathroom.

The restaurant Le Galibot offers a short, fresh, and tasty menu. On the plate, seasonal, locally grown products are given pride of place.

The traditions of the region are also revisited, and you will find deliciously tasty vegetarian products.

Right next to the Louvre Lens Museum, the Hotel Louvre-Lens offers a place to appreciate the art, heritage, tradition, and history of the region.



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卢浮宫朗斯酒店的原型是一个真正的矿工旧房,以前叫9城。 把这些矿工房完全改造成一家四星级酒店是酒店独一无二的特色,从而也参与到对矿业遗产的保护中。


房间的设置很舒适。在房间里特意使用了黑色,以营造昏暗、安逸的气氛。而这种氛围与非常轻盈的白色浴室形成对比。餐厅Le Galibot提供了一个新鲜和美味的菜单。该地区的传统菜肴也被重新翻版。




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