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Hedgren : Intuitive Design


Hedgren is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Intelligent functionality and intuitive design are still part of its DNA. But for this autumn,  the brand is surprising us with new materials, new colours and a capsule dedicated to soft mobility!


the perfect travel companion


After 30 years, the Hedgren bag brand knows better than anyone how to develop the perfect travel companion. Whether it’s a trip into town, the daily commute to work or a weekend away, Hedgren has the ideal solution for every journey with its wide range of models.


Hedgren 3


With the all-new Commute BIKE panniers, Hedgren is adding another dimension to the successful formula of its Commute collection.

Nothing should restrict your freedom of movement on the bike. Commute BIKE are fully waterproof, offer extra visibility thanks to reflective strips and are extremely easy to attach to your bike.

Hedgren revisits its best-sellers with new materials. Those who love casual elegance will love the Creased range, made from 100% coated nylon for a soft-touch satin finish. The new Quilted edition is perfect for a more pronounced style.

New for Autumn/Winter 2023 is Strong Blue. This colour is found in every collection and will be the “blue thread” of the season. The Inner City collection as well as Cocoon, Nova, Follis and Travel are available in Strong Blue this autumn. Other new colours include warm, neutral shades such as Safari Beige, Brandy Brown, Strong Red and Northern Green.


A fragrance that evokes its values


Hedgren 6



For Hedgren, under the supervision of master perfumer Sonia Constant and the renowned Parisian perfume house Givaudan Fragrances, Belgian painter Laura de Coninck has translated the freedom of movement into a fragrance. The fragrance is concrete: energetic and intuitive.

A fragrance that conveys freedom, nature and the brand’s values: emotion, function, authenticity, innovation in experience, intelligent functionality and intuitive design.

For a better understanding of Hedgren, an exclusive interview with Paul Robert, Hedgren’s International Director, and Armelle Bouillon, Hedgren’s French Director.


Hedgren 7

Paul Robert, Hedgren’s International Director


What is Hedgren’s DNA?

Paul Robert: Hedgren’s style is inspired by Swedish and Japanese design. The products are honestly very well thought out. Hedgren owes its name to founder Xavier Kegel’s beloved grandmother, Elisabeth Hedgren. She was a Swedish immigrant. She brought with her the Swedish culture, functional and aesthetic, but well thought out, not wasted. It’s a bit like Japanese design. When Xavier Kegel was creating products, he even went on retreats. Knowing how to integrate the intuition of design with the reflection of functionality, that’s what we’re looking for.



Hedgren 8

Armelle Bouillon, Hedgren’s French Director


Who are Hedgren’s customers?

Armelle Bouillon: Hedgren’s customers are people with a classic profile. But they don’t want the product to be something out of fashion. They really want their bags to be a real companion. They can have lots of memories with their bag. Above all, they’re looking for timeless design, but also practicality. They are often people who move around a lot in their work.


The Chinese group League Holdings acquired Hedgren in 2011?

Armelle Bouillon: Yes, we’re lucky in that our Chinese owner is there to support us financially. But he respects and wants absolutely to keep the brand’s identity. So he lets us work, to think about design, innovation and the equipment that Hedgren needs. He’s really committed to the brand. He really wants to keep the roots and the history of the brand. That’s really important to us.





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