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Selected as “Talent so French” at the Maison & Objets show in January 2023, Cédric Breisacher is taking advantage of this opportunity to present a very special research project that is central to L’Atelier’s environmental approach.

Cedric Breisacher is a designer-sculptor. His approach and his research are based on experimentation and making.

His aesthetic universe, where organic and minimalist elements come together, is nourished by the contrast between the interplay of natural forms and clean geometric cut-outs, as if to recall the link that irremediably unites nature and technology in woodworking.



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His sensitive, iterative approach questions the processes involved in creating objects. He uses wood shavings recovered from his workshop to shape new pieces, and sees reused materials as sources of new materials to be explored.

This metamorphosis, which transforms waste into a fragment of memory, is part of a circular approach and a sensible use of wood, trees and forests. In this way, it revalorises discarded resources in a new life cycle, giving them a new purpose.

This new project tells the story of the wood chip, from the tree to the object, from the manufacturing stage where it is created to its reuse.



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The objects in the I’m Not a Waste series incorporate shavings right from the design stage. Mixed with an organic binder made from potato starch, the shavings are either completely recycled and used as a leg to make a stool, or they are considered for future use in the production of a solid wood base. The I’m not wasted pedestal table is the first zero-waste furniture.

Its shape incorporates the three states of material that the life cycle of wood can offer. These two projects, still prototypes, but fully functional and usable, invite us to reposition ourselves in relation to our production tools and the need to relocate an industry in touch with its environment.

Cedric Breisacher presents his circular workshop as a laboratory for transforming materials. He transforms and invents materials with a view to an alternative future in tune with the living world.



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