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Boutures d’objets is an eco-design studio and publisher specialising in the manufacture of high-end objects from innovative, recycled or bio-based materials.

Laurence Saugé has imagined a company in her image, a project where art, design, ecology, technology and innovation meet.


Inspiring projects


Boutures d’objets is not only about beautiful objects but also about keeping a constant watch on material ,  technological innovations and trends, and meeting optimistic personalities in order to make daring projects a reality.

Recycled plastics, coffee, shells, leather, mycelium… amazing materials, which offer new aesthetics and new creative paths.


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Boutures d’objets monitors all these innovations and processes in order to imagine inspiring projects and recommend suitable solutions to brands and interior designers.

Blandine table lamp is made of 75% flat glass from crushed windows and windshields and transformed into Wasterial®, a recycled and recyclable material at the end of its life. The raw material for this creation, which is a model of the circular economy, is sourced locally and manufactured in France.



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