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Airs de Paris is delighted to become a member of UNI-Presse. It’s an honor for our magazine!


UNI-Presse is the

for 70 years.


The UNI-Presse association aims to promote French culture and language throughout the world. UNI-Presse was formed in 1948 from the Export Department of the Union Syndicale de la Presse Périodique, created in 1946.

Today, UNI-Presse brings together the leading French publishers in all sectors of activity: general public, scientific, medical, legal, technical, literary and many others.



at the service of the French press


As a link between its member publications and the millions of French speakers around the world, UNI-Presse promotes the representation and expansion of the French press in all parts of the globe.

Every year, UNI-Presse helps some 600 French publications, both mainstream and specialist, to raise their profile and increase their circulation in over 190 countries.

In collaboration with the French cultural network abroad: Alliances françaises, chambers of commerce, embassies’ cooperation and cultural action departments, linguistic and educational cooperation offices, as well as French institutes…

UNI-Presse organizes traveling exhibitions to meet French speakers from all over the world. UNI-Presse is also present at book fairs abroad with its “Stands Presse de France”.


UNI-Presse allows you to subscribe

to over 650 French press titles…

anywhere in the world!


The association collects subscriptions via its e-commerce site It also collects subscriptions from its stands at events abroad, through direct marketing campaigns, and via its 4 thematic catalogs and its general catalog, published annually and featuring all member publishers’ publications.

To facilitate the management of public authorities and large administrations, UNI-Presse centralizes the subscriptions taken out by the various French ministries for foreign destinations. Embassies, consulates, cultural centers and French lycées.


UNI-Presse x Airs de Paris


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