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2021 Book : Architecture of Jiangxi

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Aiwen has just published a discovery book on the architecture of Jiangxi, in French and Chinese. Jiangxi is a province in south-east China, renowned for its culture. Its architecture is worthy of its heritage. It is surprising, grandiose, creative and full of character.


Publications 2021: Architecture of Jiangxi

This is the first book on architecture in China to cover an entire region. It covers the 11 municipalities and more than 80 districts of Jiangxi.


A decade of travel

Author Simon K. Q. LI spent more than a decade travelling to more than 1,600 ancient villages in Jiangxi. It is a discovery of a wealth of secret architecture that has never been known to the outside world.


Exceptional architecture

Jiangxi is a province in southern China, renowned for its distinguished cultures. During the Tang and Song dynasties (618 – 1279), a large number of Han families settled in this fertile region, and as a result its social economy developed vigorously.

The geographical environment of Jiangxi, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Yangtze River to the north, has helped to shape a remarkable architectural culture, and Jiangxi architecture has adapted to the characters of this geographical complicity and given it full play.



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The common features of Jiangxi architecture are mainly reflected in the exterior wall, the living room, etc. This is the most obvious difference from other architectural schools in China. This is the most obvious difference from other architectural schools in China. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912), with the emigration of a large number of Jiangxi people to the surrounding regions, this architectural culture has subsequently affected other regions of southern China.

The people of Jiangxi pay enormous attention to traditional ethics, which has resulted in the construction of a large number of ancestral sanctuaries and honorary arches.

Religious culture also thrives in Jiangxi. There are many temples and pagodas, both Buddhist and Taoist. Other elements of Jiangxi architecture are those to facilitate daily life, such as opera stadiums, pavilions, towers, bridges and water wells.


Publications 2021 Architecture de Jiangxi - Facade d'une pagode

Chinese aesthetics

Jiangxi is the origin of the “situation school” of feng shui. The “three primary colours” of green, white and black adopted by the architecture of the Gan school reflect and complement the colours of nature, which is the best example of the Jiangxi people’s pursuit of the concept of the unity of heaven and man in humanist thought.


The last witness

Modernisation is causing many old buildings to disappear at a rapid rate, and many of Jiangxi’s beautiful buildings have fallen victim to theft, dumping and other acts of vandalism, and this album becomes the last glimpse of these precious buildings left to the world.



Publications 2021 Architecture de Jiangxi, une vue typique de toits


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