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2022 : Airs de Paris x Institut suédois


Paris Fashion Week is still going strong despite the epidemic. On 4 October, Airs de Paris magazine and the Swedish Institute collaborated on the “Sustainable Fashion” Breakfast at Café FIKA at the Institute.

The guests were French designer Imane Ayissi and her director Jean-Marc, Swedish designers Stina RANDESTAD and Louise Xin, Marion Alluchon, head of fashion and design at the Swedish Institute, Annika Berner, coordinator of the Swedish Fashion Association, Katia Barillot, editor-in-chief of Le Marais Mood magazine, Florence Akbeche, fashion journalist, and Sophie Venkateshananda, consultant for the wellbeing section of Airs de Paris magazine. The guest of honour was Mr Jincheng NI, Project Manager, Sustainable Development and Digital Department, France Stratégie. The event was hosted by Paola, Fortune magazine correspondent.


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Sustainable fashion breakfast

Guests shared their views and experiences on current issues of environmental pollution, consumerism and the fashion industry, providing a wealth of high-quality information for the journalists present.

Fashion is a reflection of society. The current coronavirus has created a crisis for humanity, but it has also profoundly highlighted the relationship between man and nature, where the natural resources on which humanity depends are under unprecedented pressure and where man must transform his modes of production and consumption to continue to develop a sustainable economy.

Imane Ayissi is a respectful designer. Very sensitive to environmental and ethical issues, and a follower of “Slowfashion”, Imane uses natural materials that have a low impact on the environment. Imane was the first designer to use a new type of raw material: ECOBAMBOO fibre, during Paris Fashion Week.

ECOBAMBOO is a new generation of ecological fibre. This fibre is created from bamboo and is produced using an environmentally-friendly process. Host Paola dresses in an ECOBAMBOO bamboo fibre dress designed by Imane.

The guest of honour, Mr Jin Cheng, worked with the Prime Minister from 2004 to 2007 when she was Director of Strategy at the SNCF. From 2007 to 2011, he was Director of Development and then Territorial Affairs for the Paris St Lazare and Normandy SNCF Regions. From 2012 to 2015, he was Deputy Director of Transport Economics at SNCF’s Strategy Department. Since 2015, he has been seconded to France Stratégie. He is a specialist in the evaluation of public investment projects and sustainable development. He has shared his thoughts on sustainable development and the concept of consumption.

Sweden is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. Its environmental philosophy and its implementation are reflected in every corner of society. Swedish designers Stina RANDESTAD and Louise Xin shared their thoughts on responsible fashion and sustainable lifestyles.


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During Paris Fashion Week, 50 Swedish designers presented their ideas in a showroom, performances and workshops at the Swedish Institute. After breakfast, the Swedish designers explained their inspirations and innovations to the journalists present, and also hoped to experiment with more sustainable fashion collaborations.

The breakfast was held at Café FIKA, which offers authentic Swedish products. In the city, we tend to look for speed rather than quality and tranquillity. That’s why two Parisians, Caroline and Damian, wanted to offer eco-friendly Swedish cuisine. The meticulous preparation of Café FIKA allowed each guest to enjoy a convivial moment over an eco-friendly breakfast.


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