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Fashion is the second most polluting industry after the oil sector! Fast fashion has created a «culture of overconsumption».

Airs de Paris magazine and the Coup de Pouce have joined forces to promote local manufacturing and an ecosystem called «Made in France».

The Coup de Pouce association was created in 1997 by several women who wanted to create a company in which each woman could use her skills. Coup de Pouce is a sewing workshop, a place for creating social links.

Doesn’t it remobilise people who are far from the labour market thanks to its integration project? Indeed, each year, the workshop receives individuals who have different problems. The aim is to enable the beneficiaries to develop socially, familiarly, and professionally.

Group cohesion and knowledge sharing contributes to this development. The most senior employees accompany the newcomers to the structure. This encourages initiative and strengthens self-confidence.

Employees stay in the organisation from six months to a maximum of twenty-four months. Throughout the course, employees receive internal and external training.

The training days are intended to be rich and intense. They provide the employees in integration with knowledge and skills to continue their social and professional pathway. The social follow-up is as important as the professional follow-up with the sole aim of building a programme at different stages.


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In this exemplary workshop, the great seamstress is Marie Helene. A graduate of the International Cutting School in Paris, Marie Helen has developed solid experience. After a difficult period in her life, she has found fulfilment thanks to the workshop. She now trains newcomers by bringing her know-how.

The magazine Airs de Paris shares the same values as Coup de Pouce. A partnership was born to develop «Made in France», solitary and ecological ecosystem. Last July, Coup de Pouce took part in the exhibition organised by Airs de Paris in the Première Vision shows with a view to developing more sustainable and social fashion.

Marie Helene revisited a design created by Imane Ayssi, a first-ever designer from sub-Saharan Africa who joined the elite club of Parisian haute couture. An Arab dress and an African dress, among others, have been made by the workshop to express cultural diversity. All fabrics are made from ECOBAMBOO, a new generation of ecological fibre.


时尚业是仅次于石油业的第二大污染行业!快速时尚创造了一种 “过度消费文化”。

巴黎灵感杂志与Coup de Pouce工作坊期待创立一个促进社会互助和循环泾济的法国制造的生态系统。

Coup de Pouce协会是由几位妇女于1997年创建的,她们希望创建一个能让每个妇女都发挥才能的社会团体。Coup de Pouce不仅仅是一个缝纫工作坊,创造社会互联的场所,更是通过社团支持来邦助那些有就业困难的人。






巴黎灵感杂志与Coup de Pouce工作坊有着相同的社会价值观,期待共同合作,以发展更多的倡导可持续时尚和社会共享项目。

Coup de Pouce工作坊曾经参加了7月由巴黎灵感和天竹联盟的可持续时尚展览,在天竹展览的作品中,玛丽-海伦重新对伊曼-艾西的设计用竹纤维面料进行演绎。另外工作坊还制作了一件阿拉伯礼裙和一件非洲礼裙,来表达文化多样性。所有使用的面料都是由新一代的生态纤维ECOBAMBOO制成。



An ecological bag


Unfortunately, plastic bags have become part of our daily routine. They are used every twenty minutes on average. These bags remain in nature, taking between one and four centuries to degrade.

Coup de Pouce and Airs de Paris are currently working on a new project: the ecological bag. The workshop is studying the design of different prototypes to create small collections for various uses. The fabrics are recycled or ecological. Its bags should be able to be used for packaging and everyday objects.

In the face of economic difficulties and much criticism on issues of «sustainability», the fashion industry has entered a phase of change. Fashion that is «profitable by any means necessary» no longer corresponds to the evolution of our society. A better world can only be built through respect for all, where each person is involved in a responsible manner. Such will be the spirit of the 21st century… It is Airs de Paris that says it!

塑料袋已经成为我们日常生活的一部分。它们平均每20分钟就会被使用一次! 不幸的是这些袋子留在自然界中,需要一到四个世纪的时间来降解。

Coup de Pouce和Airs de Paris目前正在进行一个新项目:生态袋。工作坊正在研究不同原型的设计,以便制造各种用途的小型袋。面料是回收的纤维或生态的面料。希望这些袋子能够替代塑料袋,用于各种不同包装和日常物品。




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