2021 : Fashion show in China

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The magazine Air de Pari proposes to make discover the Events 2021 in China as its collection: The Bamboo Spirit and its Virtues.

Today, technology is at an all-time high, yet disease, pollution, terrorism, war and other major crises remain major issues for the world. Doesn’t the destruction of the environment by mankind remain, alas, a worrying fact?

China leads the world in bamboo research, cultivation and use. This imperial plant plays a major role in ancient Chinese culture: its green colour symbolises the tenacity of life, its interior, tolerance, and the branches bend but do not break: a symbol of perseverance. The straight line symbolises integrity.


Bamboo Spirit

The ancient Chinese attitude to life is often expressed through bamboo. It is a source of inspiration for our modern societies!

Air de Paris magazine is joining forces with its partners with the sole aim of exploring more sustainable, more social, more ecological and more respectful fashion.


The inspiration for the collection is the sense of meeting cultures



Fashion culture is an integral part of the development of human civilisation. Fashion is a complex social phenomenon. It reflects the spirit of an era.

With the continuing development of internationalisation, cultural exchanges are taking on a stronger dimension. The truth is that East and West have always influenced each other, not dissociated.



Air de Paris x Imane Ayissi


Imane Ayissi is a respectful designer. Very sensitive to environmental and ethical issues, and a follower of “Slow-fashion”, Imane Ayissi uses natural materials with a low impact on the environment in her creations. And that’s her priority!

The tradition of French Haute-Couture, her taste for contemporary art and her dual French and African culture give Imane Ayissi’s creations a unique, mixed-race feel.

This collection for Airs de Paris is based on original models from Imane Ayissi’s Paris fashion show.



True to her style, Imane’s kimono faceted cuts are used to “deconstruct”. The streamlined shapes are loose and comfortable. “It’s a mix between the Asian kimono and Western classics such as shirts, T-shirts and coats”.

The trousers designed by this brilliant couturier are intended to enhance the figure and play with the idea of masculinity, femininity and, above all, well-being.

Their simplicity and volume make them easy to wear both indoors and out – just the thing for today’s teleworkers!



Airs de Paris x Heliquadrisme

When it comes to painting, Jean-François Savornin has been a free electron since the age of fifteen. This brilliant artist explores the world of limitless creation.

He pays homage to Picasso and cubism. He explores alliances between shapes, colours, subjects and changing angles. Heliquadrism takes shape! Jean-François Savornin defines his art as “a geometry of movement”.

Jean-François Savornin’s painting motifs are now the subject of a fashion collection designed by his wife, Virginie Zurfluh.

In the middle of a simple t-shirt dress, a touch of the painting offers warm, vivid colours, like the rays of the Provence sun!



An innate sense of colour

The colours in the collection are monochrome. The patterns on the fabrics are deliberately erased so that they blend and match better, while each colour symbolises the meaning of life, exploring the harmony between man and nature, reflecting on social responsibility, ecology and innovation in fashion development.

White is pure, black is inclusive and pink is an expression of will. There’s also a check pattern that symbolises bamboo branches, a network of interconnections between cultures.


9 Événements 2021 en Chine - Esprit Bambou 675-450


Sustainable manufacturing:

The products are particularly innovative. We use bamboo fibre, which does not pollute the environment. The entire supply chain is managed by the CTBU. From the fibre to the garment, all production is transparent. To avoid stocks and over-manufacturing, each collection is produced in limited quantities, thus avoiding waste.

Through these multiple factors, the partners are proposing a global awareness that would lead to irreproachable economic development, a development that would favour the happiest of relationships between man and nature!



10 Événements 2021 en Chine - Esprit Bambou 675-450


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