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The difference between “cultures and languages” is neither an obstacle nor a difficulty. Today, it is becoming a promising opportunity for development between the two nations!

Chinese fashion has entered a new era, and Chinese design is increasingly attracting attention from around the world. Airs de Paris deciphers the inspiration behind these creations.


Airs de Paris x Première Vision

Première Vision is the benchmark for professionals in the fashion industry, deciphering global trends in advance. As part of Première Vision Paris, The Sourcing Connection offers fashion professionals a sourcing service for garments from Asia-Pacific. China has been the main partner country since its creation.


Spring Season

From 12 to 14 February 2019 

Première Vision, Hall 2


The development of Chinese fashion is becoming more and more present. This is a strength, because fashion cannot be ignored. Première Vision and Airs de Paris have joined forces to create a unique Franco-Chinese platform for fashion professionals and a space for Chinese designers to express themselves.


Gallerie dans le Hall 2



In partnership with Première Vision, the Association of Chinese Fashion Designers and the APE. Together, the partners wanted to create a creative sharing of Franco-Chinese fashion.

Four brands: Luo Zheng, SHENG HUO ZHAI ZUO, BLACK BRIDGE and NWANG, with very different styles, offer different aspects and allow a reflection on the inventiveness and dynamism of a new generation of Chinese designers.



On 13 February, a conference was held on the theme of “The development of fashion design in China”. Chinese and French fashion professionals exchanged and shared their views on a common development.


Intervenants a lexposition dans le Hall 2


Autumn Season

From 17 to 19 September 2019,

Première Vision


Exhibition: Inspiration

The photography exhibition explained the inspiration of the new generation of Chinese designers. Chinese fashion has undergone many changes in recent years. Styles have evolved from one generation to the next.


The workshop

The workshop is an opportunity for fashion professionals and specialist journalists to share ideas. It’s an opportunity to explore possibilities for Sino-French cooperation in fashion.


Workshop pendant



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Seminaire du Fujian a Paris 7


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