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Première Vision Paris x Bamboo Union


On 4, 5 & 6 July, Première Vision Paris offered a redesigned format to meet the challenges of the sector’s transformation, driven by the eco-responsible transition. Bamboo Union and Airs de Paris join forces for a sustainable fashion ecosystem…

As a true partner of the sector and its dynamism, a catalyst for the meeting of upstream and downstream sectors, the role of Première Vision is to make a major contribution to transforming the link between manufacturers of materials and those who use them.

This year’s show offered a wealth of new products and sources of inspiration, services and programming. Visitors – buyers, stylists, designers, production managers, fashion and accessories brand executives – were able to discover the creative proposals and developments of nearly 1,315 exhibitors from 47 countries, selected by committees of professionals and experts.


Bamboo Union 2



The international partners

of Bamboo Union is in Paris


The fashion sector is in the midst of an eco-responsible transformation, with the textile industry making real advances and investing in more sustainable fashion.

Bamboo fibre is made from bamboo and produced using an environmentally-friendly process. Bamboo fibre has been on show at Première Vision since 2008. ECOBAMBOO is a new green fibre produced by Jilin Chemical Fiber Group using high-quality bamboo as the raw material.


Bamboo Union 3b


Bamboo Union is a federation of a network of around a hundred companies worldwide. The federation uses bamboo fibre as its base, integrating efficient resources through vertical alliances in the upstream industrial chain and creating a new model for the sustainable development of the fashion industry.

The development of Bamboo Union’s international presence is based on a network spanning every continent. At Première Vision in Paris, Bamboo Union’s international partners will be meeting up to discuss…


Bamboo Union 4



Focus on

ecological bamboo fibre


According to the IFM study: In 2022, materials are considered to be very important by consumers. They are looking for all materials considered to be eco-responsible, recycled materials, quality manufacturing and free from toxic products. This quest for sustainability ties in with the quest for responsibility, which is still very strongly linked to materials in the public mind (37.7% in France cite materials as the primary criterion for eco-responsibility).

ECOBAMBOO establishes a traceable supply chain for its raw materials, and the bamboo materials selected are recognised by the FSC and ORGANIC certifications. The manufacturing process has been awarded 30 buttons and also the dark green shirt label in the Hot Button CANOPY 2022 report.


Bamboo Union 5b


ECOBAMBOO attaches great importance to the use of clean energy, with the LCA label. ECOBAMBOO’s production is certified SA8000 and OEKO-Tex Standard 100, OEKO-STeP.

Bamboo fibre is attracting a great deal of interest from brands developing their eco-friendly collections, as well as from journalists.



Bamboo Union 6



A France-China partnership

is being built…


Fashion is at a turning point. It must respond to current and future challenges in terms of sustainable development.

The purpose of the Fédération Française de la Création Couture Sur Mesure Paris is to unite the players in the profession of made-to-measure designers, to promote, pass on, safeguard and support the development of VSEs and SMEs that are bearers of French know-how, to defend the association’s interests nationally and internationally, and to raise awareness of the specific features of fashion and made-to-measure design.

Pierre Letz, President of the Federation, came to the Bamboo Union stand to discuss an eco-responsible and committed France-China partnership. The aim of this partnership is to combine the best of French and Chinese know-how.


Bamboo Union 7



Traceability is

at the heart of future development


Consumers want better information and reliable benchmarks on how their clothes are made. In order to achieve and communicate their environmental transition as effectively as possible, brands and suppliers need to work together more closely and share as much information as possible, with complete transparency.

This traceability can only be achieved through the exchange and collection of concrete data between the various players throughout the production chain, from raw material to finished product. This is an important objective for Bamboo Union, which wishes to offer a system for all brands wishing to identify the traceability of their bamboo products…



Bamboo Union 5


At Première Vision in Paris, the Bamboo Union announced this measure for the first time and proposed potential partnerships to offer a range of services dedicated to environmentally-friendly design and production, based around bamboo fibre.



France teinture:

sustainable development and quality


FRANCE TEINTURE is also a partner in this event. FRANCE TEINTURE is a French textile dyeing company that focuses on research and development, quality and the reproducibility of the formulas it develops.

25% of the company’s staff work in the research/development/quality sector, a guarantee of the commitment made and a guarantee for customers of the traceability of all the production entrusted to them.


Bamboo Union 9



Espace Airs de Paris :

Sustainable Creativity


For the July 2023 edition, Airs de Paris set up its space on the BAMBOO UNION stand, and invited artists and designers from all over the world to take part in a new exploration of sustainable creativity…

The Photo Video of Simon K. Q. LI, is a discovery of a secret architectural richness that has never been revealed to the outside world.


Bamboo Union 11


Loïc Lagarde’s Photo Vidéo is a marvellous way of discovering the most unsuspected facets of the region, and an opportunity to take a tour of France…

Through her four works and the Photo Vidéo, Beibei Yang offers a tour of these picturesque Chinese landscapes in a specially designed space.


Bamboo Union 10


Jean-Charles Pigeau’s creation is an experiment in materials and spirituality, with a cross-fertilisation of techniques between France and China.

GEOM de Boutures d’objets makes top-of-the-range objects from innovative, recycled or bio-sourced materials.

For many years, Matière Grise has benefited from a well-developed collection and recycling circuit.


Bamboo Union 13

 Meuble : Matière Grise


Sustainable fashion and innovation


The fashion industry is continuing to take ecological issues into account. Espace Airs de Paris has created a universe dedicated to eco-responsible and technological innovations, with the aim of bringing designers together around themes such as innovation and sustainable development, and inventing new eco-designed products and technical innovations.

Promoted to the rank of Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture, Imane Ayissi is all about the renewed joy of bringing cultures together, with the Ecobamboo fibre.

Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres is one of Peru’s best-known avant-garde fashion designers. Through his bamboo creations, he has brought together the INCA and CHINESE cultures, and invented sustainable and ethical fashion.


Bamboo Union 14


Virginie Zurfluh combines artistic motifs with eco-friendly bamboo fibre fabrics to create a magnificent eco-friendly dress!

Nejla Güvenç is the first designer in Turkey to create a sustainable and circular collection.

Eliza Sun blends the codes of Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear with Eastern and Western artistic influences.


Bamboo Union 18

 Décoration:  GEOM de Boutures d’objets


Driven by a deep-seated desire to pass on to these future professionals a vision of fashion that is sustainable, ethical and open to all, IFA Paris is working with its students to raise their awareness of these issues. With their bamboo fibre creations, the students express their commitment to sustainable fashion.

Julio Fanchini was inspired by James Hunt, a prolific Formula 1 driver in the 1970s. His experiment is to explore the possibilities offered by modern tools and creativity, while placing sustainability at the heart of this project.


Bamboo Union 15


Giovanni Zocchetta presented a look from his latest collection entitled Thoughts Fool. Drawing his main inspiration from images of physics experiments from the early 20th century, he created an asymmetrical mermaid-cut skirt using bamboo fibre fabric.

To support this skirt ‘on the hips’, he modelled and 3D printed an oval structure that sits at an angle on the waist, and the top part of the look is a 3D printed bra with laces.


Bamboo Union 16


All are made locally by the designers’ workshops in their home countries.



Workshop :

Sharing and getting inspired


On 5 July, all these partners will be coming together to brainstorm and encourage new ways of thinking about fashion for a Workshop.

Ricardo Miguel Dávila Cherres came specially from Peru to share his creations and innovations.

Marco Severin, Sales Director of the Swiss company Filofibra, has been working with bamboo fibre with the Chinese group Jilin Chemical Fiber for almost 20 years.


Bamboo Union 17


Ceyda Öcalan has been working with bamboo fibre for the past ten years, and explained the development of bamboo fibre in Turkey.

Lucas Thivolet Conde Salazar, Plateau Fertile Paris pilot, shared the concept of the circular economy.

Mr Zhaoqi, Commercial Director of Jilin Jimont Acrylic Co. Ltd, presented two new biodegradable and recycled acrylic products.

Mr Johanson Du, Director of Jialilong, spoke about their innovations in bamboo fibre.


Bamboo Union 12


Jean-Charles Pigeau shared his views on Chinese philosophy and the notion of sustainable development.

Delphine Durieux, head of the Fahion design programme at IFA Paris, spoke about the importance of this sustainable fashion eco-system.

Julio Fanchini and Giovanni Zocchetta, the two students, also shared their experiences.

Elif BILGE OLAGANER, director Elyaf Tekstil and designer Nejla Güvenç were also present.

The workshop is led by actor Alexandre and journalist Paola.


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