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Monvania is a company specialized in the processing of continuous yarns, both artificial and synthetic, for the textile industry. It is entirely manufactured in Italy. It is a success story where a small industrial venture created in 1970 without major ambitions has become one of the most important companies in its sector.

They have an important partner, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group, which is one of the most innovative groups in China. This collaboration has offered an extraordinary development opportunity. Luca Livio, General Manager of Monvania, has agreed to answer questions from Airs de Paris magazine.



他们的成功也源于一个重要的合作伙伴,吉林化纤集团,中国最具创新性的集团之一。与吉林化纤的合作为他们带来了非凡的发展机会。 Monvania的总经理卢卡·利维奥接受《巴黎灵感》杂志的独家采访。


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Could you introduce your company and its products?


For 50 years, Monvania has been dedicated to enhancing cellulose-based yarns such as viscose, acetate, and cupro, becoming a European leader in continuous filament twisting. In addition to the quality of our processes, we have always recognized the importance of the materials we work with, and we carefully select the most qualified suppliers.

With three operational units and 30,000 productive spindles, we can proudly claim to be a leading producer at the European level.


How did you start working with Jilin Chemical Fiber Group?


Jilin has been a strategic partner for us in supplying viscose filaments for many years. Despite initial market reservations, their success has been consistent, and they now hold the necessary certifications.


What are your thoughts on their product?


Being partners has also meant participating in efforts to promote a viscose production that does not involve the use and cutting down of trees. We have even registered a well-known brand in the European textile industry called ‘Cotton Linter,’ which is based on ecoJilin yarn.


Cotton Linter is a highly sustainable viscose yarn that also offers exceptional qualities in terms of its feel, dyeability, and mechanical performance.


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Do you believe sustainable fashion is the future?


There is currently a lot of confusion surrounding the concept of sustainability, and it’s not surprising that this creates a fertile ground for widespread greenwashing activities.

At Monvania, we have always believed that sustainability means responsible technological innovation and a commitment to a supply chain that prioritizes sustainable raw materials and processes.

We focus on delivering actual quality rather than relying solely on certifications. In other words, it’s about substance, not just marketing.












作为合作伙伴,我们参与了推广一种不涉及树木砍伐的粘胶纤维生产的开发。我们甚至在欧洲纺织行业注册了一个知名品牌,名为“Cotton Linter”,它是基于环保的吉林纤维的开发。Cotton Linter是一种高度可持续的粘胶纤维纱线,同时在触感、染色性和机械性能方面也具有出色的品质。






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