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Kenzo: A Japanese Fashion Designer in Paris



On January 16, 2024, Kenzo Takada, a genius fashion designer and founder of the prestigious eponymous fashion house, was honored by the City of Paris with the installation of a commemorative plaque.

The event brought together several personalities, including Ariel Weil, Laurence Patrice, Nicolas Bonnet-Ouladj, and Ruth Obadia, responsible for public relations and communication for Mr. Kenzo Takada, who initiated this commemoration with the City of Paris.


Kenzo Takada, a Japanese fashion designer, made a significant impact on the fashion industry with his creative genius. He founded the brand Kenzo, which achieved global success. His versatility and influence in fashion and design were recognized internationally.

His passing in 2020 deeply saddened the fashion world, and this tribute from the City of Paris and LVMH Fashion Group highlights the importance of his legacy.


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Kenzo: An Iconic Creator in the Heart of Paris


In the heart of a Parisian center, Kenzo established himself as an iconic creator, leaving an indelible mark in the world of fashion.

Having arrived in Paris in 1965, he had to carve out his place in the Parisian fashion scene. His first collection came to life in the Jungle Jack boutique in the Galerie Vivienne, marking the beginning of an exceptional career.

His influence extends far beyond fashion, shedding light on a part of Paris and its neighborhood’s history, while also contributing to the history of styling and fashion.

His establishment in 1976 on Place des Victoires helped restore Paris’s status as a fashion epicenter, alongside renowned names such as Thierry Mugler, Agnès B, Hervé Léger, and many others.

Kenzo Takada skillfully blended French and Japanese styles to create a unique identity, thus leaving a mark on the history of fashion. His Japanese inspiration left a significant mark on the neighborhood, transforming it into an iconic hub of creation and culture.

His legacy endures, offering a unique vision of fashion and creation, while leaving an indelible imprint on the neighborhood and the city of Paris.


What was the reason behind the installation of this commemorative plaque in honor of Kenzo in Paris?


Nicolas Bonnet-Ouladj, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of commerce, crafts, liberal professions, art professions, and fashion, explained :


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This commemorative plaque, inaugurated at the Galerie Vivienne during Fashion Week, pays tribute to the legacy of the Japanese designer. Kenzo Takada will forever remain an iconic figure in the fashion industry, and this event emphasizes the importance of his legacy for current and future generations.

In Paris, it is customary to commemorate the memory of individuals who have passed away to preserve their legacy. This is done in the spirit of transmitting history and the memory of creators. All creators, especially in the field of haute couture, are celebrated, reviving their legacy. Sometimes, this is also manifested with Saint-Laurent and other designers. Memory even speaks and strives to pay tribute to Paris by naming streets, squares, or installing commemorative plaques where creators have lived and worked.

It is important for Parisians to keep this history in mind, especially for future generations. Paris remains the epicenter of fashion for the world, attracting creators from all over the globe. As mentioned for Kenzo, we also welcome creators from other countries who settle in Paris because it is the capital of fashion that shines. Additionally, we are currently in the midst of Fashion Week, which is very timely.


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