Well Being
Art of living

Creativity has become a new universal language that conveys peace.

 Airs de Paris is a bilingual magazine (French and Chinese). 

It relates with “a crossed glance" the universe of creativity and
culture: fashion, luxury, design, travel, well-being...

It offers a space of intercultural expression to creators of all origins. espace d’expression interculturelle aux créateurs de toutes les origines.


Our earth has become a village. 

These mixtures of cultures bring new inspirations to our civilisation. 

The divergence between languages and cultures is not a barrier.

It rightly creates better understandings and opportunities for evolution. 

Espace Airs de Paris invites you to imagine and invent a 21 st century lifestyle...


Isn't fashion a reflection of our societies? 

Fast fashion has created a "culture of over-consumption!" 

Airs de Paris proposes that all the actors: from design to consumption, work hand in hand, in a responsible manner, to create wholesome.

 Such will be the spirit of the 21st century!

Creativity and Bamboo

Bamboo fibre is a new type of natural raw material.

Airs de Paris and Bamboo Union have joined forces to create a cross-border collaboration.

The objective is to build an ecosystem.

Airs de Paris invites designers to express their creativity through bamboo fibre.

Imane Ayissi

Imane Ayissi is the first designer from sub-Saharan Africa to join the elitist club of Haute Couture in Paris.

Curious and daring, Imane is also the first designer to use bamboo fibre during Paris Fashion Week. la Fashion Week de Paris.



From art to fashion, in the middle of a simple t-shirt dress, a touch of Jean-François Savornin's painting offers warm and vivid colours, like the sun rays of Provence!

Yuan Ai

In Chinese, Yuan means the origin of the universe, Ai is an expression of infinite love.

This collection is an invitation to return to simplicity, authenticity and benevolence.

It also invites us to explore a new way of living, more in harmony with nature...



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This is a new collaborative experience for the three partners, Imane Ayissi,

 Airs de Paris magazine and Bambou Union, to build an ecosystem for sustainable fashion.